Springboard Performance

Springboard Performance's containR Fest & Green Fools Presents: The GoldenCrust Family Circus

Featuring les deux de pique (Montreal)

Friday Jun 28, 2024 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday Jun 29, 2024 3:00 am - 5:00 pm


This event is part of Springboard's containRFest 2024.

We invite you to meet the GoldenCrusts. Grace and her boyfriend Kevin are French Canadian snowbirds, and they're setting up camp in your neighborhood! The GoldenCrust Family is a theatrical production focusing on circus arts and physical comedy with a heavy dose of cheesiness.

The GoldenCrust Family Circus and comedy 

When the GoldenCrust Family arrive, they bring with them excitement and hilarity, and then add in a generous dose of exaggeration and zaniness! Grace and Kevin GoldenCrust, contemporary nomads, invite you to experience their grandiose show staged in front of their mobile home. Overflowing with good intentions and ambitions, these French Canadian snowbirds have created a comedic smorgasbord of unusual talents, personal development, and the wonders of the sea featuring sets and props originating from the most prestigious flea markets. The GoldenCrusts are where circus, love, and humour meet!

Co-directed by Tamara Bousquet, Nicolas Boivin-Gravel and Philippe Trépanier, The GoldenCrust Family welcomes you into Grace and Kevin's colorful world. This friendly oddball couple have concocted a whimsical show filled with juggling, dangerous stunts, hula hoops, magic tricks, puppetry, music, a multitude of stylish outfits, a perm, a mullet, diabolo, and an abundance of comedy and special effects inspired by their favorite large scale productions! Yes, The GoldenCrust Family is all that, and more!

Professional RV campers, Kevin and Grace Bacon-GoldenCrust travel the countryside in their motorhome. They share their humor, adventures, and day to day life with their fans through social media.

The show of The GoldenCrust Family as been translated into English.

Outside show suitable for all ages, duration 60 minutes.

Teaser trailer with subtitles available here