Meghann Michalsky (Calgary)


Oct 26 & 27, 7pm

cSPACE King Edward



Meghann Michalsky (Calgary)

Volcanoes are among the most devastating forces on Earth. Magma simmers intensely beneath the earth's skin, always volatile, always on the verge of breaking through. ReAWaken is inspired by this volcanic boiling point.


Ms. Michalsky is an independent dance artist residing in Calgary, Alberta. She completed her BA in Contemporary Dance, with a concentration in Choreography and Performance, at the University of Calgary. Since graduating, her drive and passion have led her to expand her contemporary dance knowledge through studies in Montreal, Vancouver, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Berlin. As a performer, Michalsky was selected for the Lab Emerging Artist Program (LEAP) with Dancers’Studio West, where she performed with their company, the Dance Action Lab, in their 2016 show, Fear. Michalsky has also worked as a performer for an array of individual artists and companies, including Davida Monk, Cloudsway Dance Theatre, kloetzel&co, Dancing Monkey Laboratories, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, and J-Sik Movements, amongst others. As a choreographer, her most recent choreographies have been presented in many local festivals like Project InTandem, Convergence, TJLabs at Theatre Junction, Annual Alberta Dance Festival, Dancefest at Nextfest, Mpact’s Motion Affair, Dance Montage, and abroad at artArctica Festival in Helsinki, Finland.



Choreographer: Meghann Michalsky

Performers: Valentia Dimitriou, Sylvie Moquin, Katherine Semchuk

Lighting Designer: Chris DePape

Composer: Original Composition by Nathaniel Schmidt

Costume Designer: Myah Van Horn

Invited Outside Eyes: Davida Monk, Mike Czuba & Linnea Swan

I would like to thank Alberta Foundations for the Arts, W&M Dance Projects Artist in Residency & Support Programs, University of Calgary Dance Alumni Choreographic Residency Program, Dance Explosions, and my bingo volunteers for their support in making this project possible.

I would like to thank Ruth Levin, Valentia Dimitriou, Sylvie Moquin and Katherine Schmuck for their creative offers during this process. 

Photo credit: Sean Beagles