My Tongue, Your Ear

Lesley Telford | Inverso Productions (Vancouver)


Oct 19, 7pm & Oct 20, 9pm

DJD Dance Centre Studio Theatre


Part of a triple bill

Lesley Telford | Inverso Productions (Vancouver)

The paradox of distance and proximity is that nearer doesn’t always mean closer. Relating to the legend of the Tower of Babel, this speaks of the destiny of a couple from the interior of a myth, who build a relationship that crumbles into confused tongues.

My Tongue, Your Ear seems to deliriously defy time and space

a dreamlike duet
— Janet Smith, Georgia Straight


Lesley Telford is based in Vancouver, Canada as choreographer and director of Inverso Productions as well as leading the Performance Research Project at Arts Umbrella's Professional Dance Program. As a dancer, she worked with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Compañia Nacional de Danza and most recently, Netherlands Dans Theater 1. Lesley has choreographed for dance companies throughout Europe and North America, including Netherlands Dans Theater 1, Ballet BC, Hubbard Street Dance Company 2, and Compañia Nacional de Danza, among others. She was selected by Crystal Pite for the Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award in 2015. Lesley also has a Master of Cultural Production from the University of Salzburg. Her company, Inverso Productions, has toured to Spain, the Netherlands and Canada and is currently developing Spooky Action, supported by the Canada Council, the BC Arts Council and a residency at The Dance Centre.


Choreographer: Lesley Telford
Dancers: Stéphanie Cyr and Justin Calvadores
Music: Nico Muhly
Poetry by: Wislava Szymborska

Premiered with Korzo Productions in the Netherlands