You can use this page to pay the your remaining costs for Interrarium. Note that the amount owing is less the $150 deposit you will have already paid.

Select your Accommodations

You can pay the remainder of your Interrarium fees anytime unto and including February 14.

Your payment will be processed through Paypal. You do not require a paypal account to use this service. (Choose "Don't have a paypal account" on the next screen)

It is preferable that you pay before your arrival in Banff.

In person we can accept Visa, Matercard, American Express, and cheques. We have limited ability to deal with cash onsite.

NOTE WE CANNOT ACCEPT DEBIT IN PERSON. Please use the button above, or Interac e-transfer.

You may also use Interac e-transfer if you prefer that avenue. Send your e-transfer to and let me know what the secret answer will be via email.

People with shared accommodations owe:
+47.50 (GST, Alberta)
$997.50 (total)

People with single accommodations owe

+$64.50 (GST)
$1354.50 (total)