High Trails

Justin Many Fingers


Oct 20, 8:30pm

cSPACE King Edward

Justin Manyfingers (Calgary)

High Trails is a story told by Johnathan, who grew up on the rez idolizing Buffy Sainte-Marie, as a closeted Drag Queen who falls in love with a cowboy on the powwow trail.

Miss VLT Bingo Stomper asks her self if she can really find love on the rez and still be who she is on the inside.


Mii-Sum-In-Iskum (Long Time Buffalo Rock) Is the Artistic Director of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society and is a Queer, Indigenous, disabled, and MAD artist from the Kanawa Blackfoot Reserve in Southern Alberta. His Canadian name is Justin Many Fingers, an international artist who studied in performing arts. He has worked with the Artists from Australia, Thailand, Nunavut, Japan, Greenland, United States of America, and Mexico. Justin is a graduate of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, three-year acting conservatory. He also studied at the Soulpepper Actors Academy and their 2012 season. Many Fingers has trained in numerous dance styles with Jock Sotto, Neil Leremia , Frances Rings, Carlos Rivara as well as Bill Coleman, Alejandro Ronceria and Troy Emery Twigg. He has also attended the Banff Centre’s Indigenous Dance Residence, Toronto Dance Theatre’s Intensive and Kahawi Dance Theatre’s training program and the One Yellow Rabbit Lab intensive. Some of the Directors he worked with are Alanis King, Peter Hinton, Genevieve Blais, Daniel Brooks, Muriel Miguel, Marion de Vries, Rose Stella, and Jessica Carmichael. The Elders he has learned from and work with are Narcisse Blood, Alvine Mountainhorse, Beverly Hungry Wolf, and Raymond Many Bears. Justin has studied in both western and indigenous performing art forms for five and a half years through out Canada. He is now in the proses of creating Indigenous Performing Arts in Southern Alberta. Many Fingers is also an emerging Curator, Programmer, Producer, Director, Choreographer, Creator, and Devising.


Choreographer/Writer/Director: Justin Many Fingers
Performer: Marshal Vielle

Photo credit: Plain Eagle Media & Justin Many Fingers