Fluid Fest October 18 - 28, 2017


Embrace Experience

BE MOVED. BE CURIOUS. BE FLUID. Fluid Movement Arts Festival brings artists and audiences together to stir the city with contemporary art, dance and physical performance. For two weeks celebrate outstanding performance and the vast spectrum of what dance can be. Featuring extraordinary local, national and international artists, Fluid Fest ignites the city with performances, workshops, artist talks and happenings to inspire and connect.

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Thus Spoke...
Frédérick Gravel & Étienne Lepage (Montreal)

Co-Presented with Theatre Junction Grand

Oct 18 (Wed), 8:00PM
Oct 19 (Thu), 8:00PM

Oct 20 (Fri), 8:00PM
Oct 21 (Sat), 8:00PM
Theatre Junction Grand | $20-$40

Rock’n’roll collides with philosophy in this irresistible show
— The List UK


Thus Spoke… is an electrifying piece of existential pop from two of Montreal’s most celebrated artists. Challenging the status quo, brilliant writer, Étienne Lepage and rock star of Canadian contemporary dance, Frédérick Gravel defy the conventions of both theatre and dance. It is a magnificently playful antidote to misery and apathy. From Nietzsche to Hendrix, Thus Spoke… shifts from scathing diatribe to rock and roll polemic in the most philosophically charming show you’ll see.

*contains sexual scenes and references, strong language and political content


Shay Kuebler, Radical System Art (Vancouver)

Oct 20 (Fri), 8:00 PM
Oct 21 (Sat), 8:00 PM
DJD Dance Centre
  | $40

Telemetry hits a high frequency of movement, sound, and speed.
— Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight

Singing the body electric! The human body as antenna, a satellite for sound, energy and memory, translating and transmitting information into a purely kinetic vocabulary – this is the starting point for an explosive new dance creation from Vancouver’s high octane wunderkind Shay Kuebler.

A convulsive synchronicity of bebop, swing, and contemporary dance—and featuring Canadian tap virtuoso Danny Nielsen—Telemetry tunes in to radio sciences and systems to generate a magnetically charged performance from its seemingly indefatigable, hugely versatile company of seven dancers. 


Artist Talk
October 21


prairie dance circuit

October 18 (Wed), 7PM
October 19 (Thu), 9PM
DJD Dance Centre | $30

Nicole Mion (Calgary), Robin Poitras (Regina) and Brian Webb (Edmonton) each create a new piece for a local performer who intrigues and inspires them. The premise? Anything is possible.

Artist Talk
October 18

Nicole Mion (Calgary)

Still Moving. Land.

A performance conversation created and performed in partnership with Nicole Mion and Troy Emery Twigg.  A physical dialogue. Two perspectives acknowledging the land and the sources that feed us.

Based on a proposal by Nicole Mion, and realized in creative collaboration.

Preserve. Persevere. Or be eaten. 

A excerpted from I Eat You, a choreographic installation focused on transformation in food and performance. Featuring the indefatigable Linnea Swann, and devised choreography of Nicole Mion.


Robin Poitras (Regina)


THIS, a solo work in evolutionary change created for Krista Solheim, began in a previous group work entitled the End of Winter by Edward Poitras and Robin Poitras.

The calving of an iceberg into the ocean, with music rooted in the Russian avant garde THIS, traverses a metaphorical landscape of loss.



Brian Webb (Edmonton)

Portrait reveals Tony Olivares, one of Edmonton’s most dynamic dancers,  as a vulnerable individual who celebrates the
complexities of life through the body as a vessel of memory.


Sara does a SOlo

Oct 18 (Wed), 9PM
Oct 19 (Thu), 7PM
DJD Dance Centre | $30

Double Bill

Two outspoken female artists speak their minds through humor, story, and movement.  Funny and irreverent dance theatre.

Artist Talk
October 18


Linnea Swan

Relevant, entertaining and skillfully executed, YES is a solo that must be seen far and wide.
— The Dance Current

An electrifying new dance manifesto. YES takes the audience on a wild ride through the turbulent history of Contemporary Dance.

Known for her fearless approach to controversial issues, Linnea Swan unapologetically addresses Yvonne Rainer’s 1965 No Manifesto’s legacy on the current state of contemporary dance, calling out fellow artists on their audience-alienating tendencies with wit and mastery.


Sara does a Solo

Sara Porter

Outrageously funny … and brutally vulnerable.
— Scott Charles, The Writer’s Block, San Francisco

Sara does a Solo is being celebrated on both sides of the border, called “soulful”, “urgent” and a “tour de force” by New York presenters. After 25 years writing on the works and lives of other artists, Porter turns her pen on herself to present a collision of dance, storytelling, poetry, stand-up, singing and visual design in an inter-play of fact and fiction, memoir and fantasy, confession and caricature.


This Duet That We've Already Done
(so many times) 
Frédérick Gravel (Montreal)

Oct 25  (Wed), 8:00 PM
Oct 26  (Thu), 8:00 PM
DJD Dance Centre
  | $30

[...] Their delicate and rowdy union, enhanced by a matching musical support, speaks all the passion’s rage and fire. Just as sweet as it is rough, this creation is an incandescent beauty.
— Toute la culture (Paris, France)

This Duet is an ode to the contemporary couple, in all its complexity. Hybrid and iconoclastic, at once dramatic and wacky, this dance theatre piece touchingly captures the complex relations of attraction and repulsion that can unite two people. An intentional awkwardness and a troublingly natural game of tiny accidents that transform into multiple arguments, that reconsider our everyday banality. Brianna Lombardo’s fierce sensuality and Fréderick Gravel’s tender clumsiness create an idiosyncratic vibrant performance. Alive with humor, grace, and everyday moments of instinct, this work never ceases to surprise and destabilize.

*contains nudity and sexuality


Artist Talk
October 26


How long can we do this for?,
Submission Entropy & It began with watching

October 27 (FRI), 8:00 PM
October 28 (SAT), 8:00 PM
DJD Dance Centre | $30

Triple Bill

Idiosyncratic group works by western Canadian movers and shakers

Artist Talk
Oct 27

How long can we do this for?

Good Women Dance Collective

This new work is a question of duration. How long can we keep doing something and when does it transform from being ok to not being ok? With sound designer Shawn Pinchbeck, Good Women Dance Collective considers insatiability in the context of society and the body. When is enough enough?

Submission to Entropy

Karissa Barry

Weirdly hilarious...conjuring up Mad magazine’s Spy vs. Spy cartoons with their angular unison moves
— Alexander Varty, Georgia Straight


Entropy is commonly known as a measure of disorder, randomness of a system, or of our lack of information about it. This work is inspired by the human response to change and follows the transformation of two beings that evolve from the discovery and recognition of disorder.

It began with watching

Melanie Kloetzel / kloetzel&co.

Through sardonic interactions, blunt physicality, and a brutally humorous text, It began with watching explores the warping of democracy as governments, concentrated wealth, and surveillance technologies join forces. With ‘alternative facts’ and outlandish acts, the puppet master toys with his political minions who enact any whim or fancy he can conjure.



Co-Presented with Inside Out Theatre

Oct 27 (Fri), 7:00 PM
Oct 28 (Sat), 4:00PM & 7:00 PM
DJD Dance Centre | $20

Dancing difference celebrates creative voices from across the country exploring the potential of inclusive performance.

Please contact us if you require seating access for a wheelchair, if yourequire good lines of sight for the ASL Interpreter, to reserve audio description equipment, or if you have any other accessibility requirements you'd like to make us aware of.

contact: boxoffice@springboardperformance.com
403-2675-3230 ext: 4

Artist Talk
Oct 28 (Matinee)

Venue fully wheelchair accessible

ASL Interpreted performance on Oct 28th, 4:00pm
Audio Described Performance on Oct 28th 7:00pm

What's Left Of Us

Justin Manyfingers (Calgary)
& Brian Solomon (Toronto)

Two 2 spirited ndns with only two hands between them. A gloriously deranged world of dance, storytelling, and the unexpected things that make you sexy.


We Regret To Inform You...

Heidi Janz & Eva Colmer

In a check-box society that functions by dividing us into neatly-defined categories, where does someone with a strong mind and a weak body fit in? Dr. Heidi Janz - award-winning playwright, accomplished academic, and self-described ‘crip’ – has a curious problem. Despite her obvious physical limitations she is denied financial assistance from government programs because of her “productive” mind. Following Heidi through her everyday life, with all its unique responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges, We Regret to Inform You... offers an unsentimental, and unapologetic, look at what it means to be both “disabled” and “productive”.

See and Be Seen & Verbatim

All Bodies Dance Project

All Bodies Dance Project is an inclusive dance company located on unceded Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC). Our work brings together artists with and without disabilities to explore movement as a means of creative expression. In our inclusive dance practice, differences are regarded as a creative strength as we explore the choreographic possibilities of wheelchairs, crutches and canes diverse ways of moving and perceiving. We want to widen the spectrum of who dances and what dance can be.


Physical Therapy Cabaret

Oct 27 (FRI), 9:30PM
Oct 28 (SAT), 9:30PM
DJD Community Living Room | $20

Calgary Artists & National Guests

Gloriously bound by a small space and unlimited imagination, the Physical Therapy Cabaret invites Calgary artists and national guests to share whimsical and irreverent performance. This is a not-to-be missed night of tiny stage spectacle and controlled chaos that you can’t prepare for, where audiences can expect the unexpected. Pull up a chair in our festival lounge for a cocktail of physical surprise.

Emceed by 3 Normal Guys

Feature Artists:

Karissa Barry
Jason Galeos
Terrance Houle
Kaja Irwin
Makambe K Simamba
Brian Solomon
Su-Lin Tseng
Allison Zwozdesky

Square - Physical Therapy Cabaret.jpg

Nicole Mion in collaboration with
Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

October 28 (Sat), 5:00PM
St. Louis Hotel


A dance performance, discussion, and dinner that considers transformation in food, the natural world and performance.


Springboard Performance’s Artistic Director and choreographer Nicole Mion and Tzavta mastermind Michal Lavi, bring their love of performance, food, and creative ideas together for I Eat You. An experiential evening considering the alchemy and intersections that make brilliant food and performance possible. Creating with a palate from the natural world, we unpack the systems of transformation that release the spirit from the body, refine taste and gesture, transform rot in to flavour sensation.  From grapes to wine, yeast to bread, salt to gravlax, it’s a taste sensation performance journey into our history and culture.

with Frédérick Gravel

Co-Presented with Dancers' Studio West

October 22 (Sun) 11am - 1pm | FREE
Cafe Rosso - 140 8 Ave SE

A two-hour dialogue event co-hosted at a pop-up venue by Dancers' Studio West's Artistic Director Davida Monk and a member of the Dance Action Group. Open to the public and everyone in attendance is encouraged to take part. Dancers’ Studio West provides drinks and nibbles. 

DSW's Undressing the Dance Dialogues promote a deeper understanding of the contemporary dance, develop a shared language by which to discuss the art form, stimulate curiosity, open the mind and nurture the desire to see more dance.




October 20 (FRI), 9:00 PM
DJD Dance Centre | FREE

Canadian Dance Assembly
2017 National Conference -

October 19 & 20 | 2-Day Registration
Kahanoff Conference Centre

The Canadian Dance Assembly is pleased to host its next National Conference in Calgary from October 19-20 2017 at the Kahanoff Conference Centre. Taking place during the annual Fluid Fest, participants will be able to take in an array of performances alongside conference sessions. We will also be gathering in the beautiful new DJD Dance Centre to raise our glasses and toast colleagues new and old. It will be a pivotal gathering for Prairie activists and equity leaders. 



Workshops | $15 Drop-In, CASH ONLY

Workshop Locations:
University of Calgary | 2500 University Dr NW.
Theatre Junction Grand | 608 1 Street SW.
DJD Dance Centre | 111 - 12 Ave SE.

 Detailed workshop description and artist bio available in calendar below.

Fluid Fest Workshops are presented with our partners: University of Calgary School of Creative & Performing Arts, Theatre Junction Grand and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.