2014 Fluid Festival Lineup


2014 Fluid Festival Lineup


The 2014 Fluid Movement Arts Festival is complete  but feel free to revisit the local, national and international artists who plunged us all into the transformative world of movement and music through a kaleidoscope of outstanding contemporary physical performances. Watch our website for announcements of the 2015 festival and visit our archive to see past festival activities. Thank you to our artists, staff, supporters and volunteers for making the 2014 festival a success!

The Fluid Festival, a giddy mix of glitter and grassroots.
— Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail

Here at Springboard Performance we are all about radical action, so we have detained the F-word for the Fluid Festival and we’re letting its associate F-bombs fly: family, folks, freaks, ferocious, force, freedom, flourish, fantastic, forever. Let’s re-think the F-word and consider its optimism. 

Read the Artistic Director's Statement

Optimism is why farmers plant seeds. Why couples have families, why explorers go across oceans and into outer space, why mavericks design business ventures, and why artists create.Brain scientists say we are hard wired for optimism.

We dream therefore we are.

We experience art because we are optimistic. We hope, we are curious, we question out of a desire for change, we open our hearts to compassion, and we love surprise. So in an era filled with bleak questions about our environment, our friendships, our nationhood, fundamentalism, and corporate greed...

I ask, what is contemporary optimism?

Contemporary optimism is re-thinking community. It is being brave enough to re-examine beliefs and rethink art in community. It’s investing energy into the numerous ways we connect spiritually, intellectually, and physically. Festivals are important. Excellent art is paramount. Connecting with community is fundamental. And Art Parks are vital.

That’s why I believe bringing L-E-V, a fantastic International calibre dance company to Calgary for their Canadian premiere has transcendent consequences for audiences. Celebrating cutting edge dance theatre by Sore for Punching You and the urban dance/contemporary mavericks Tentacle Tribe can liberate our spirits. Experiencing one of the oldest contemporary dance companies in Canada and then watching a new flourishing artist from the Winnipeg community are performance feasts to stimulate our taste for surprise. And whether it is engaging with Katie Wards’ twisted sensibilities or supporting local artists in performance conversations with our national and international guests we are planting seeds for the future of contemporary performance.

Springboard Performance continues to rethink, re-imagine, reinvent, and reaffirm arts and community, how to support excellence, and how to create space that brings out the best in all of us. It’s a radical re-thinking which brings me back to two of my favourite f-words. Fluid. Festival.

Physical is not the F word, but at Springboard, we think it should be.

 Nicole Mion, Artistic Director

Nicole Mion, Artistic Director




L-E-V | Tel Aviv


Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

October 22 - 25 | 8pm
Theatre Junction GRAND

Canadian Premiere

far from a cozy haven, this house throbs with a rave’s raw, bright energy
— The New York Times

Making their Canadian Premier, L-E-V is an adventurous new ensemble of fiercely talented dancers, the culmination of years of collaboration between two Israeli creative superstars. Since 2006, Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar have created a stream of critically acclaimed original works for some of the world’s leading dance companies, including Batsheva Dance Company. This explosive company is the confluence of movement, music, lighting, fashion, art and technology – each uniquely expressive while emotionally entwined.

House is an extreme close-up, fragmented, cinematic collage of images capturing human relationships that flicker and vanish. The movement of the nine forcefully brilliant dancers is precise and fiercely controlled - all nerve, bone, and sinew. The vibrant, hypnotic music by composer Ori Lichtik accompanies dark, androgynous, and atmospheric dream-scenes that connect like a psychological labyrinth. 

This performance contains brief nudity.


Tentacle Tribe | Wilson | Tran

Tentacle Tribe | Wilson | Tran

Tentacle Tribe | Montreal
Tony Tran | Calgary
Tara Wilson | Calgary

Big Secret Theatre
October 16-18, 7:30pm

A magnetic meeting of hip hop and contemporary trixters from Montreal and Calgary who are rethinking the mash up of contemporary and urban dance forms.

...Emmanuelle LêPhan and Elon Höglund stormed the stage and donkey-kicked their spectators into the final frontier of dance innovation...
— Helen Simard

Tentacle Tribe  | Montreal

Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid

Emmanuelle Le Phan & Elon Hoglund

Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid (…) is seriously good, full of very physical hip-hop virtuosity and pure, youthful energy.
— (The Dance Current, Top Ten 2013)

Tentacle Tribe is a Canadian-Swedish creative alliance between Emmanuelle Lê Phan and Elon Höglund.  This Montreal-based dance company creates uncommon dance works with a contemporary twist, using conceptual Hiphop and influences from a subterranean and aquatic universe of earthly creatures.

They made a strong impression with pieces for Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and the RUBBERBANDance Group, generating interest among critics from the very start with their personal creations. In a delectable fusion of music and movement, they invent a geometry of harmonious urban contemporary dance that they call “conceptual hip-hop” or “deconstructed street dance”.

These autodidactic creatures of infinite possibilities approach choreography through a wide variety of movement philosophies. Active participants in the street dance scene, b-boy and b-girl, contemporary dance, and as stage performers, they formed Tentacle Tribe. They wish to create work that transcends the boundaries separating movement styles, and pieces that express the embodiment of music beyond technique. The work experiments with intricate partnering, refined musicality and a saturated dose of physical choreography.

Tony Tran | Calgary

About Tony

Tony Tran is an active member of the Calgary Dance Community especially within the Urban Dance scene through his work as an instructor, performer, producer, curator and choreographer. He has travelled to New York City, Finland, and Montreal in quest for dance knowledge and development with which to share what he has learned to the city of Calgary. Tony is also a Board of Director with Springboard Performance and Calgary Contemporary Dance Collective, and in 2012, Tran established his own collective to further the growth and education of Vogue culture and dance in Calgary as the Founder/Artistic Director of The Bad Girls Club YYC.


The Limelight

Extreme arresting looks that weren't always pretty and in fact were often ugly was the way a lot of the Club Kids looked. A lot of them were outcasts wherever they came from, so they came to New York and they were part of this freaky scene were they are stars. 

Tara Wilson | Calgary

About Tara

Tara Wilson is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Trained first as a contemporary dancer, Wilson holds a degree in dance from the University of Calgary. For the past 15 years she has also focused on Hip Hop. She has traveled throughout the United States and Europe in order to develop her skills and hone her craft both as a dance artist and choreographer. Recently Wilson has presented work for the Alberta Dance Festival, W & M Dance Theater, University of Calgary and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. Of interest to Wilson is the interplay between contemporary approaches to dance creation fused with Hip Hop aesthetics. Her work is inspired by the many influences she has acquired throughout her dance practice: from Contemporary to Contact Improvisation to Hip Hop and Breaking.

Together in a Separate World

Together in a Separate World explores the interplay between intimacy and longing and the loneliness we sometimes feel in the company of others. Originally developed for Dancers’ Studio West’s AIR this works is now presented at the Fluid Festival with a year of thought and exploration supporting this evolved, full scale, technicolor version.

Christopher Clare, Danielle Wensley, Tara Wilson, and invited guests.


Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers

Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers

Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers | Winnipeg
Pamela Tzeng | Calgary
Ming Hon | Winnipeg

Big Secret Theatre
October 17-18, 9:30 pm

Hon is mesmerizing….she is able to instrumentalize her body in various ways: at one moment she is an orgasmic object of desire, at another a contortion of pain, at still another, a delicate bird...
— Robert Enright Border Crossings Magazine December 2012

Forever in Blue Jeans

Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers

Company Bio

Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers - Celebrate 50 years

Rachel Browne founded Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers in 1964. Under her direction, the company grew from a local amateur group into a nationally recognized professional performing ensemble. Since then WCD has become Canada’s oldest modern dance company and has committed to the training and development of dancers, choreographers, teachers, technicians, designers and arts administrators.

During their 50 year history the Company has worked with scores of exceptional Canadian and international artists establishing a reputation for the presentation of dance of the highest quality. It has presented hundreds of performances of commissioned and remounted creations, for audiences across the country and abroad. WCD has had a significant impact on both the development and the standard of contemporary dance in Canada and will continue to do so under the direction of Artistic Director, Brent Lott.


Forever working forever wishing forever lusting forever seeking forever losing forever beaten forever exhausted forever fearful forever envious forever sacrificing forever dreaming forever trapped forever labouring forever aching forever itching forever hungering forever eating forever shitting forever washing forever sweeping forever dusting  …ahh f#?! it, forever in blue jeans.

to be or not to be: A Very Important Verb

Pamela Tzeng | Calgary

About Pamela

PAMELA TZENG is a Calgary based dance artist. Her artistic journey has brought her to train and perform across Canada, Europe and Brazil. As an interpreter she has worked with Tania Alvarado, Noam Gagnon, Helen Husak, Ismael Ivo, Taryn Javier, Robin Poitras, Kenji Takagi and Stephen Thompson, amongst others. Under the creative platform Make Shift Project, Pamela explores her range as a dance maker and producer. Her choreographies, which span the world of dance theatre and interdisciplinary site-specific performance, have been presented in diverse contexts in Canada including Dancers’ Studio West AIR, Expanse Festival, Fluid Movement Arts Festival, Guelph Dance Festival, Toronto Love-In ps. We Are All Here and Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival.


Enter the subconscious mind of a woman suspended between Western and Oriental realities.

to be or not to be: A Very Important Verb is a solo of negotiation and discovery;  an offering of vignettes into a surreal world that exposes the weight of cultural expectation and the light of being.  This work began as an investigation into Tzeng’s identity as a second-generation Canadian born Taiwanese.  The solo deals with questions surrounding foreignness, exoticism and the polarities of bicultural identity.

The Exhibitionist

Ming Hon | Winnipeg

A photocopier with its signature flashing, white, fluorescent light to transfer and mass produce the original placed on the glass.  A woman dressed in black trench coat makes endless photocopies of herself reproducing warped images of the female form. An Exhibitionist as someone revealing oneself in public, she is a performer performing for the spectators to spectate.



Sore For Punching You

Sore For Punching You

Sore for Punching You | Toronto

Final Savage Land

Allison Cummings

October 17-19,  8pm
EPCOR CENTRE’s Arts Learning Centre

Liberate your love for theatre with FinalSavage Land, ones for shows that I enjoyed so much that I don’t know what to say.
— Candice Irwin, Mooney on Theatre
We will find the key to our Liberation only when we accept that what we once did to survive is now destroying us.
— Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

Through FINAL SAVAGE LAND, Cummings questions whether the fabric of our society is founded in an inter-webbing of human relationships that thrive on a reliance for each other. Estonian Composer Arvo Pärt’s piano composition “Fur Alina” serves as inspiration for this new work. Part explains that, musically, through the coupling of the notes, the neutrality in each note’s autonomy is disrupted; creating a togetherness that is disturbing in its own beauty. Cummings has transferred the concept of this coupling onto the dancers, illustrating the nature of co- dependency through movement and dance. 


Ward | Hayward & Johnson

Ward | Hayward & Johnson

Katie Ward | Montreal
Catherin Hayward & Shayne Johnson | Calgary

Theatre Junction GRAND Studio Theatre
October 23-25, 9:30pm

Two twisted, idiosyncratic takes on life, love and reality.

Katie Ward | Montreal


With invited music collaborators

With a definitive wildness, Ward delivers an avant garde treat which will happily melt the brain
— Catherine Lalonde, The Gazette

Reality is inspired by Katie’s fascination with the nature of being and becoming. This solo is a blind and imaginative system of navigation, between the reality of the performer and the reality of the audience. What leads us to think about what it’s like to exist? How do these perceptions change from moment to moment? Why come to the theatre to experience reality?

Katie’s keen take on observational humour, idiosyncratic questioning, and physical experience, lead us to experience a cross section of realities from the present, past and future; of things we understand and things that we don’t know exist. This is choreography that pulls the rug out from under any notion that dancers don’t have a funny bone.

Project Black

Catherine Hayward & Shayne Johnson | Calgary

Starbored is relentless in both its whimsy and its underlying darkness. Hayward and Johnson are deeply musical, and their dancing is committed and courageous. It is a work of art - gratifying, surprising, uplifting, revealing.
— Davida Monk, Artistic Director, Dancers’ Studio West

When relationships are ropes, and attraction a tight knot. A web of connections that tie us up, and tie us down. From gentle touch to forceful grip, we are bound together, and let down if things unravel.

The choreographic team of Catherine Hayward and Shayne Johnson perform their next dynamic collaboration, after their incredible danceStarbored positioned them as choreographers to watch. Equally brilliant as choreographers and performers, they bring their distinct take on duets to the stage.




Cabarets at the Fluid Festival!

Physical Therapy Cabaret

Wine-Ohs Bar
Oct 19 - 20, 8pm

A wildly fluid mix of performances exposing Calgary’s creative underbelly and the distinct creative perspectives percolating in the zeitgeist.

Fluid performances. Fluid ideas. And a drink in hand. All squeezed in to the Wine-Ohs bar.

Ali Chaudhry | Gemma Crowe | Dancing Monkey Lab | Robert Halley | Taryn Javier | Kevin Jesuino | Charles Netto | Oriana Pagnotta | Alicia Ward

With MC, lion tamer, social navigator, and artistic interrogator, Mark Ikeda.

Urban Culture Cabaret

Wine-Ohs Bar
Oct 21 & 26, 8pm

Curated By:
Gill Co
Pulse Studios

Everything to do with dance, music, poems, and live art from the city's talented array of urban artists. Spoken word, dance performances and live music that will play with all your senses. Join us in the Celler where a little libation and social lubrication makes the night come to life!


Dancing Monkey Lab

Dancing Monkey Lab

Dance, theatre and music meet head on.
The ProArts@Noon Concert Series and the Fluid Festival present

Dancing Monkey Laboratories

We Must Collide

Mike Czuba | Melissa Tuplin | Nathaniel Schmidt Wednesday

October 15, noon, Free
The Cathedral Church
"corner of 7th Ave and 1st Street SE”

Featuring: Melissa Tuplin, Meghann Michalsky, Sarah Curts and Chandler Smith

Dancing Monkey’s Satellites is a beautiful meditation on being human in a growingly complex world. Brought to life by a sublime convergence of words, music and movement, Satellites will move audiences and remind you to reach out and hold the hand of the loved one sitting beside you.
— Kelly Reay – Artistic Director of SageTheatre.

WE MUST COLLIDE is a high energy, kinetic, interdisciplinary performance exploring the startling presence of stillness and the desire for touch in our contradictory times. With modern technology literally pulling us apart, we must physically collide into each other to be noticed, felt and seen. 




October 18 & 19 | 2-4pm | free
containR - 1020 2nd Ave SW




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We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

Alberta Culture Days Weekend at containR
Sept 26-28, 2014

We Can Be Heroes
Special Events for Kids
@ containR

Unleash Your Inner Superhero!!!!
Dance | Theatre | Clown Workshop
With Judith Mendelsohn
Saturday Sept 27

In this workshop discover all of the marvelous qualities of your superhero through, movement, clown, dance and most of all PLAY.

Bring along your superhero costume from home, but you will also build your very own superhero head piece at our craft station.

Prepare to dazzle audiences as you perform a snippet of your superhero in a SUPER DUPER show at 2:30 pm on the containR stage.

Theatre artist, clown and youth education specialist Judith Mendelsohn will guide activities.

Superbots, Crafts and Hero Stories
With the Calgary Public Library
Saturday Sept 27

Come read, create and play in a guided afternoon of super fun.

Thursday Sept 25

Brave Communications and Jane MacFarlane Voice Workshop
Unleash your super hero voice.

Friday Sept 26

Kris Demeanor and his Crack Band

Freak Motif

AMASS | Prairie Tales Film Screening
Short films by fantastic Alberta filmmakers

Saturday Sept 27

Community Flea Market

Papergirl Calgary 
Bike Parade | Art Give Away Meet Up 
12 noon

Kids Hero | Theatre & Dance Fun
Explore Your Inner Hero 
With Judith Mendelson
Craft |Theatre | Dance | Developmental Play

Saturday Sept 27, cont'd

Los Morenos

Calgary Library 
Hero Crafts & Stories for kids

Sheri-D Wilson
Spoken Word Extraordinaire

La Caravan Dance Theatre

Super Hero Cosplay Dance

AMASS | Prairie Tales Film Screening
Short Films by fantastic Alberta Filmmakers
12 noon – 9:00pm

Sunday Sept 28

Ta Pocketa Pocketa

Plaid Tongue Devils

AMASS | Prairie Tales Film Screening
Short Films by fantastic Alberta Filmmakers
1:30 – 6:00pm

We gratefully acknowledge the generous donation from The Calgary Foundation that has helped make the use of "The Calgary Foundation Centennial Stage" possible.


Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche