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Another season is upon us. We have a fabulous roster of artists at Fluid Festival 2013. Visit our updated 2013 Festival guide for more information.

Fluid Festival 2012

Fluid Festival 2012

A standing O!

To our audiences at the seventh annual Fluid Movement Arts Festival, from all of the artists that performed and everyone at the festival:

We’re your #1 fans!

Thank you — all of you — for coming out en masse to see movement and art, to be part of this fabulous happening in our city and to connect with friends, old and new. Talk about the full blossoming of movement arts in Calgary. I remain in awe at the most amazing response we had to our seventh annual Fluid Movement Arts Festival. Truly, this was the best year ever. My very rough estimate is that 5,200 people attended our ticketed events — that’s more than double what we’ve had in the past. Yahoo!

Indulge me as I list a few of the many ways I was moved by this year’s festival:

Those packed workshops. It’s rewarding to know that they will continue resonate in the community sending out creative ripples and building deeper and broader contexts for creation.

What about all those dance fans that packed the catwalks to stand and lean over the railing to see the electrifying performances at sold out Kidd Pivot shows? Here’s to your eager tenacity.

And 3,000 people came to containR for a free glimpse at great art. Thanks for being curious.

I was delighted by the boisterous kids in attendance at Bboyizm, our very first foray into youth programming. The audience erupted in whoops and giggles when during the pre-show talk, they were invited for cookies and a beverage after the show. What a great, responsive and vociferous audience.

I doff my cap to the performers that created art at containR — through sleet and snow on a couple of nights — and the audiences that donned winter coats and embraced an early winter to see the art. You are a fierce Canadian breed of culture lover.

And for all the artists that created and performed so brilliantly, a round of virtual applause please. Thanks for your artistry. Stay curious and resilient.

I loved working with our incredible partners at Y Stage, Theatre Junction, DJD, MOCA, Consulate of Mexico, WordFest, and MST. I so appreciate that you contributed your brilliant visions. Thank you.

I send special acknowledgement to all of our generous sponsors. This could not happen without your support.

Finally, I want to recognize the hard work and dedication of the festival crews, volunteers and staff — their stellar group effort made the festival be the success that it was.

Lastly, a couple of notes. Look for containR next spring. It will be popping up in Sunnyside — connecting the community through art. And watch for Interrarium coming up at the Banff Centre in February.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. I had so much fun with all of you this year. Continue celebrating creative ideas and the body in splendid motion.

See you next year!

Yours in dance,