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Heather Ware | Contemporary Technique & Creative Practice

  • Decidedly Jazz Danceworks 111 12 Street Southeast Calgary, AB Canada (map)

$15 | Drop-in

Location | DJD Dance Centre - Studio TBA

Attending | Professional Dance Community

Focus | Contemporary Technique & Creative Practice


A body in conflict searches for balance, for resolution. A paralytic state of fear is somehow made bearable by ones own physical being. What is needed within a person to move forward when every instinct is screaming to stop. What if you can’t go back, what if you can’t downclimb. Can we give ourselves over to the beauty of falling apart?

 In the most recent performance of choreographer Heather Ware, the impulse to create came from a study of risk, and how we as individuals and as a community deal with the sometimes euphoric and sometimes tragic consequences of living a risk filled life. 

For her newest creation, A Fine Kind of Madness, Heather takes one step backwards from risk, to study the underlying notion of safety. Safety is a necessity in order for risk to be a possible choice. And for so many in the world at this moment in time, safety seems far from given. Is safety something that we as individuals can create for ourselves? What do we need in order to create a sense of personal safety in a world in which safety is not created for us? And when we find that sense of safety why is it the instinctive nature of mankind to instantly put that at risk again?

In this workshop, the dancers will follow Heather’s working methodology as part of the creation process, as well as look specifically at the technique behind the physical language. The class portion focuses on building the dynamic range of the body, the ability to co-ordinate and conversely deconstruct the body’s natural co-ordination. The combinations are created to trigger the connection between brain and body and to understand the different muscle tensions possible within our dance. The relation of the body to the space in which we move plays a crucial role. Class material is derived from Heather’s choreographic works, and the dancers will be given the underlying tasks upon which the material is based. The tasks are built upon Heather’s search for the physical language to embody this new performance, and ask for the dancers to be both emotionally open and physically creative. The musicality of the dancing body is brought strongly to focus. Breath plays an integral role and the dancers are encouraged to listen to the dance they and their fellow dancers create. 


Since 2003 Heather has been a celebrated dancer with LeineRoebana in Amsterdam (Netherlands). In 2010 Heather was awarded de Zwaan (the Swan) for most impressive dance performance of the year.

From 2015-2017 Heather was the recipient of a Nieuwe Makers Traject (talent development grant) awarded by the Dutch performing arts council (Fonds Podiumkunsten).

As a choreographer Heather is known for her work with live music, and has a long standing collaboration with cellist Jakob Koranyi, with whom she has created Reapproaching Bach and Battle Abbey (2017). Other collaborators include: violist Oene van Geel, baritone Mattijs van de Woerd and mezzo-soprano Cora Burgraaf. Her work has been presented throughout Europe and has been supported by Banff Centre (Canada), Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna (Sweden) and Podium Bloos (Netherlands).

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