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Brianna Lombardo / Grouped'ArtGravelArtGroup (Montreal)

  • Decidedly Jazz Danceworks | Studio 1 111 12 Avenue Southeast Calgary, AB (map)

$15 | Drop-in
Attending | Professional Community
Focus | Technique



The class is a mix of set and improvisational work. Brianna’s own training is highly influenced in yoga and chi kung and these practices are present in class. With a large focus on floorwork and moving with momentum, the goal is to find a powerful strong body that remains supple and able to react in the moment.

The class will involve a warm up comprised of set floor work and explorations, standing work dealing with energy and building stamina and finish with phrases from the work « this duet that we’ve already done » which she will be performing at the festival. With an interest in staying in the moment and making decisions while working with set material.


Brianna grew up and studied in Toronto at Toronto Dance Theatre and has been living and working in Montreal since 2002. She has worked with the companies Overtigo, Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault, Daniel Léveillé Danse and enjoys working and creating in close collaboration with Frédérick Gravel and the GAG, Mélanie Demers, company Mayday, Caroline Laurin Beaucage and Martin Messier and Sasha Ivanochko, to name a few. She is enjoying coming back to dance with new energy and a new point of view after a short hiatus to bring her baby twins into the world.