The space Where you Dream & I Live
Su Lin Tseng (Calgary)


OCT 22, 7:30PM


A double bill featuring two cellular investigations of wildness and flow in the body-mind world.

Facilitated by Pam Tzeng



The Space Where you Dream & I Live
Su Lin Tseng (Calgary)

Are we humans as different as animals captured in a zoo?
The Space Where You Dream and I Live explores the relationship between audience-spectators and performers-captured animals.

ABOUT su lin tseng

Su Lin Tseng is a choreographer, a movement researcher, and a passionate dancer. She graduated from the University of Calgary with a BA in Dance in 2003 and an MA from York University (Toronto) in 2005. Tseng is originally from Taiwan with a background in Chinese dance, modern and ballet, but it is after her intense study with Davida Monk and Melissa Monteros, that she found her heart in contemporary dance. In 2005, Su Lin was invited to the Gui Zhou University (China) as a visiting scholar, and she returned to Canada one year after for PhD. In Calgary, she has performed in Davida Monk’s LYRIC, Peggy Baker’s Move, Dance Montage (2016, 2017), Metamorphosis of the Dance Action Lab (2017), Fluid Festival (2017) and Alberta Dance Festival (2017). This year, Tseng has performed in Pam Tzeng’s choreography, That ch*nk in y/our armour, at CanAsian KickStart Festival (Toronto) and Fluid Fest (Calgary) and choreographed for Alberta Dance Festival and Dance Montage.


Choreographer: Su Lin Tseng
Performers: Brandon Maturino, Marynia Fekecz, Su Lin Tseng

Photo credit for original image: Andre Goulet


Mari Osanai (japan)

A solo dance performance by Mari Osanai, Aomori Japan.

A tightly closed mind is opened
Something flows out from there.
Warmly, coldly, into the body
The cells dissolve into flows,
Then vaporize and scatter.
— Mari Osanai 2019

ABOUT Mari osanai

Mari Osanai dancer, choreographer and Noguchi Taiso trainer comes to us from Aomori, Japan. After training in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Tai Chi, and traditional Folk Dance, Mari became interested in exploring movement in new ways. She went on to study dance choreography under Mr. Hironobu Oikawa and Noguchi Taiso training and its philosophy with Professor Michizo Noguchi (1914-1998). Mari stands by the theory that materials that constitute our body are undoubtedly of this Earth and have participated in and experienced the creation process of the Earth. Therefore our body, having lived here and now, includes the entire history of the Earth. What we call ‘life’, ‘body’ and ‘mind’ are precisely phases of change and flow of the earth. There is no absolute standard for all things. Mari Osanai’s unique and complex movements are created by interweaving a combination of techniques she has studied over her career as a dancer. Her approach to movement research and exploration begins with a heightened awareness of gravity’s influence on the body and the body’s connection with the centre of the earth. Over the years, Mari has performed and taught workshops in Japan, Canada, the USA, Greece, and Germany.


Choreography: Mari Osanai
Dancer: Mari Osanai
Mask Doll Creation: Shohel Yamashita
Sound Arrangement: Hisashi Sugiura
Special thanks go to Theater company Watanabe Genshiro Shoten.

Photo credit for original image: Jen Shaw Photography