Oct 25 & 26 - 8pm

DJD Dance Centre

Running Piece
Jacques Poulin-Denis / Grand Poney (Montreal)

Running Piece is a work for dancer and treadmill. On this confined yet infinite space, a man travels without leaving, constantly forced to go forward. He moves through the situations and moments that define us. On the path of humanity and civilization, or on the transit to work, we are the high hope joggers, the overly capable multi-taskers, the compulsive lateness sufferers. Running Piece substantiates our proneness to constantly chase our tails and our pursuit for the divine sublimity of busyness.


ABOUT Jacques poulin-denis

Jacques Poulin-Denis is a composer, choreographer, director and performer. Undertaking projects that blur the boundaries between dance, music and theater, he creates humanistic and uncanny works that are both sensorial and thought provoking. To gently knock the spectator off center, he puts forth the strength within the vulnerability of the characters he brings to life. Counting over twelve different productions, Jacques Poulin-Denis’ work has been seen in over twenty cities across Canada, as well as in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is an artist in residence of l’Agora de la danse in Montreal, and was awarded a two month residency in Berlin during the Tanz Im August Festival, as well as several choreographic research periods in Montreal, Victoria, Vancouver, Bassano and Seoul. He develops an interdisciplinary approach to creation, which he regularly teaches through workshops and master classes. He is a close collaborator of choreographer Mélanie Demers and has been active with her company, Mayday, as a composer and performer since 2006. Jacques Poulin-Denis is the winner of an Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, San Francisco in 2004 and a Saskatoon Area Theater Award in 2009.


Created by Jacques Poulin-Denis
Dancer: James Gnam
Choreography: Jacques Poulin-Denis with Manuel Roque
Original music: Jacques Poulin-Denis
Dramaturgy: Gabriel Charlebois Plante
Costumes: Marilène Bastien
Electronics: Samuel Saint Aubin
Video: Joel Morin Ben Abdallah
Outside Eye: Sophie Corriveau
Lights: Erwann Bernard
Technical Direction: Liam Lett

Running Piece was co-produced by the Agora de la danse and made possible thanks to the financial support of the Canada Arts Council, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Montreal Arts Council and Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique. Creative residences: Centre de Création O Vertigo, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, Recto Verso, Danse Danse, Arsenal art contemporain Montréal, Musée d’art de Joliette, Théâtre Hector-Charland, Agora de la danse.