The Beauty of Falling Apart
Hilde Elbers (Netherlands) &
Heather Ware (Banff/Netherlands)

OCT 16 & 17, 8PM

A double bill featuring evocative and uncanny expressions of the female voice in duet form. We welcome back 2018 festival artists Heather Ware and Vanessa Goodman and their collaborators.

WED OCT 16 |
Facilitated by Nicole Mion



Action at a Distance (vancouver)

A new work from Action at a Distance created by and performed by collaborators Vanessa Goodman, Belinda McGuire and lighting designer James Proudfoot.

It was half their lifetimes ago that Goodman and McGuire last danced together while growing up in Toronto. Collaborating now after 18 years apart, they revisit the shared muscle memory of their youth as a starting point to create a new duet that views their physicality through the prism of an immune system. The shared antibodies of their past fuse with a new collection of pathogens to play off the harmony and conflict of two bodies as familiar with one another as they are foreign. By working to see the world through each other's eyes in "The Other Half" they find ways to re- compose and re-experience what it is like to be one another.

Created with generous support from The Canada Council for the Arts, The City of Vancouver, The Chutzpah! Festival, Dance Victoria, The Chrystal Dance Prize and The Harbourfront Centre.

About action at a distance

Action at a Distance is a Vancouver-based company under the artistic direction of choreographer VANESSA GOODMAN. The company is attracted to art that has a weight and meaning beyond the purely aesthetic and uses choreography as an opportunity to explore social, environmental and biological themes in a highly physical manner. The company respectfully acknowledges that it is working on the ancestral and unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh people.

BELINDA MCGUIRE graduated from The Juilliard School (BFA 2006) and danced with the Limón Company, Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY, Anne Plamondon, The Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Lar Lubovitch, Gallim Dance, Doug Varone and Dancers and The Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. Through Belinda McGuire Dance Projects, she performs primarily solo work, choreographs and engages in collaboration and production.


Choreographers: Vanessa Goodman and Belinda McGuire
Performers: Vanessa Goodman and Belinda McGuire
Lighting designer: James Proudfoot
Music credits: Buxtehude, Thomas Köner, Sarah Davachi, Bach

Created with generous support from The Canada Council for the Arts, The City of Vancouver, The Chutzpah! Festival, Dance Victoria, The Chrystal Dance Prize and The Harbourfront Centre.

Photo credit for original image: Ben Didier


The Beauty of Falling Apart
Hilde Elbers (Netherlands)
& Heather Ware (Banff/Netherlands)

The Beauty of Falling Apart is an uncanny and yet seductively precise exercise in how two individuals strive to find trust, to inhabit the thin edge of being "just safe enough.”

Choreographers/dancers Heather Ware and Hilde Elbers share a deep rooted passion for the outdoors, for nature. They are intrigued by the moment when the power of nature turns from liberating to threatening, when our own insignificance is put to the test and the drive for survival takes over. This exposure requires us to find our own safety.

Departing from this shared theme, Hilde and Heather created two radically different solos for each other, with Heather dancing in Hilde's work and Hilde in Heather's work. At the moment that the solos began to find their shape, both felt the need to make the works more than a sum of their parts. What would happen if these two realities were brought into contact with each other? How does our understanding of what someone is experiencing change when another is present, and how does this presence affect our empathic potential?

ABOUT THe artists

Heather Ware (Banff, Canada) and Hilde Elbers (Venray, the Netherlands) are two striking choreographers and dancers in the Dutch dance landscape. Heather was one of the defining dancers of LeineRoebana for fifteen years and between 2003 and 2014 Hilde contributed to the work of Conny Janssen, Itzik Galili and Constanza Macras, among others. Both have been creating their own work for several years. In addition to their fascination for the expressiveness of the moving body, they share a deep-rooted love for rugged nature. It is precisely in this rawness that the essence of their combined work lies.


Concept and Choreography: Hilde Elbers, Heather Ware
Performance: Liah Frank, Heather Ware
Music: Arthur van der Kuip
Lighting Design: Ellen Knops
Dramaturgy: Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar and Moos van den Broek
Costume Styling: Lotte Milder
Thanks to: Nederlandse Dansdagen, ICK Amsterdam, LeineRoebana, Rozemarijn de Neve.

The Beauty of Falling Apart is a co-production of DansBrabant and Podium Bloos with the support of the
Performing Arts Residency program of Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (CA) and the City of Breda (NL).

Photo credit for original image: William van der Voort