Springboard Performance

Triple Bill: Someone Else's Dream by Mark Bath

Featured alongside Make Me Cry & Discover, Display, Dissolve

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thursday Oct 26, 2023 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Tickets starting at $25

Students: $15


Someone Else's Dream by Mark Bath is a conversation between a dancing self-portrait in the form of an animated film and a moving body in the form of a dance solo, “Someone Else’s Dream” uses digital rotoscoping and editing techniques to animate doppelgängers of the artist. Bringing to life multiple “shadow selves” by tracing dance footage frame by frame is a time consuming and meditative process that complements and collides with the joyful abandon and instantaneity captured in the original video clips from which the animation is created.

Animator, choreographer, dancer: Mark Bath
Choreographic consultants: Tedd Robinson, Tina Fushell, Andrea Tucker

Featured Artists

  • Mark Bath (Toronto/St. John's) · Creator/Performer

    Mark Bath is a multidisciplinary artist from Newfoundland. He attended Memorial University in St. John's, where he studied Dramatic Literature, Performance and Communications Media, and Creative Writing. Mark moved to Toronto in 2011 to attend OCAD University as a student of Illustration and Printmaking.

    In 2019, Mark participated in the Jeannie Thib Printmaking Residency at Open Studio, working on a series of copperplate etchings under the mentorship of Emma Nishimura and Laine Groeneweg.

    Mark presented his first animated film, Someone Else's Dream, at the 2021 Festival of New Dance in St. John's. This work-in-progress merges Mark's dance and visual art practices in a solo dance performance that features projected animation. It is scheduled to premiere in Ottawa in September 2022.