Springboard Performance

Double Bill: Blink Blank

Featured alongside Jeanette Kotowich's Kisiskâciwan

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Thursday Oct 26, 2023 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


“Blink Blank,” a dance performance that invites the audience to reflect on the transient nature of existence. It prompts us to consider how our perception of time shapes our understanding of life itself. This playful dance performance, driven by the ephemeral nature of time, deftly explores the intricate tapestry of life’s transformations in a spellbinding narrative crafted through the art of blinking.

Drawing inspiration from Walter Murch’s ground-breaking insights on the connection between editing and blinking, “Blink Blank” ingeniously translates these theories into a live performance. The human act of blinking, an involuntary gesture that punctuates our perception of the world, becomes a canvas upon which the passage of age and time is artfully painted. As you watch, you’ll discover that each blink is more than just a momentary interruption; it is a window into a new chapter of existence.

Through dynamic movements integrated with sudden stillness and slow motion, reversed moments, the performers evoke the sensation of time..with each blink serving as a portal to a new phase of life and a reminder of how swiftly moments come and go.

“Blink Blank” is a wonder-filled experience that invites you to reconsider the passage of time and the many transformations that shape our lives. It’s a performance that encapsulates the essence of existence in the blink of an eye, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the fleeting moments that define our journey. Don’t miss this exploration of life’s profound mysteries, all unfolding in a Blink!

Featured Artists

  • ERrOR 404 Dance Found Collective · Multi-discipline

    Zaria Rajha and Mario Obeid are movement artists and choreographers who share a deep passion for exploring human existence through dance. Graduates of the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, Damascus, Syria where they received professional training in dance, as well as in dance choreography, theatrical movement, mime, and puppetry, Zaria and Mario co-founded Error 404 Dance Found Collective and became the artistic directors of Error 404 performance, establishing themselves as rising artists in the Canadian dance scene. They have co-choreographed and performed works for different festivals and cabarets, including the Quick+Dirty Festival (Dancer Studio West), the Grand Residency Cabaret (Grand Theatre), and Fluid Festival (Springboard Performance), receiving the audience choice award.

    Zaria’s background in hip-hop, and contemporary dance, combined with Mario’s roots in bboying and breakdance, result in a fusion of movement that is both innovative and deeply moving.Recently in 2023, they created and produced their show “Error 404” at the Grand Theatre, further showcasing their talent and creativity. Their performances are known for a unique style of choreography that skillfully combines comic joyful moments with dramatic infusions, leaving audiences enthralled and emotionally connected to their artistry.