Springboard Performance

Dance Adventures: Conversations with the Body | A. M. Johnston

Free with registration

Friday Oct 20, 2023 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm

Saturday Oct 21, 2023 8:15 pm - 9:15 pm



Conversations with the Body
Oct 20 & 21, 8:15 PM
Free with registration
Please note that this performance contains nudity

2 performances each night - 15 minutes in length, run back to back with a 5-8 min reset in between.

Performance 1 | 8:15-8:30
Performance 2 | Approx. 8:35-8:50pm

A combination of set choreography and task-based improvisation, Conversations with the Body is an outcome of being with oneself and making decisions without the assistance of others. It is a work in progress that explores the beginning layers of what it means to embody one’s desires.

Show Credits

Performer & Choreographer: Ashley Mae Johnston

Special Thanks to LEÑA Artist Research and Residency Centre

Featured Artists

  • Ashley Mae Johnston · Creator/Performer

    Ashley Mae Johnston is a contemporary dance artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She completed her Bachelor of Science with a Minor in Dance in 2020 and has since continued to pursue her training in Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, and USA. Ashley has performed for Theatre Calgary's Reignite the Stage, Dancers’ Studio West Quick and Dirty Festival, the Dark Arts Restaurant and Drink, Beakerhead and Springboard Fluid Fest. Ashley directed, choreographed, and performed in the film Seen, which was presented at the Wild Dogs International ScreenDance Festival 2022 and recently performed with Healing Moves Dance Company and W&M2 Dance Company. Ashley is currently focusing on further developing her artistic voice through screen dance and live performance. Her practice is deeply reflective and a celebration of the body in motion.