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Are you interested in joining our inclusive, expanding group of diverse citizens and organizations who are cultivating our containR community?

containR at Sunnyside is a creative community-building DIY experiment,  celebrating the intersection of arts, permaculture, green initiatives, social activism, and community building. 

Rent a container (40 ft x 8 ft) by the month

Rent a containR (40’ x 8’)__________________________$1000 plus utilities**

Bring your own containR__________________________$800 plus utilities**

co-ownership of containR_________________________Negotiable on a case-by-case basis

Site installation_____________________________________Negotiable on a case-by-case basis

* containR’s season currently runs from May-October, but with enough interest, support and ideas, our longer term plan is to stay open year round.

**currently there is no cost for utilities: containR operates entirely by solar power provided by SkyFire Energy through their generous sponsorship. As we grow, we will continue to prioritize green solutions to our power needs, however please be aware we cannot guarantee free utilities in the long term.

The containR village encourages ideas that are:

·         Safe and accessible

·         Playful

·         Green

·         Function well in a shared site environment

·         Self-managed by the people bringing the idea

·         Connect us in unexpected and delightful, creative ways     


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