Photo by Mike Byerley

Photo by Mike Byerley

containR in Sunnyside

containR is a pop up arts and culture hub for people of all ages – championing a 100-mile diet of creative community ideas – developed by Springboard Performance. Together with partner Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association we brought containR to the Triangle site on the corner of 9th Street and 2nd Avenue NW.  

containR is the first city permitted Art Park in Calgary and the land it sits on the first brownfield (empty lot) to be returned to community use in the city.

containR has grown. We have more shipping containers, an open air theatre, a courtyard made of re-purposed rig mats, public furniture, moveable seating, sculptures, a little library and a permaculture garden.  

containR wants you and your TERRIFIC ideas!

containR is a place for people to be experimental and share what they are doing.  We are calling on neighbours, local businesses and organizations to share ideas and get involved on site. If you have a brainstorm that you would like to stage at containR we want to hear from you!

We welcome arts programming, gardening and community activation ideas that will make containR a convivial fun place for all people.  Rent containR for a special event or collaborate with us on an activity!


Want to support art and community engaged activities and place making initiatives at containR? Consider making a donation dedicated to public furniture, artist programming, permaculture garden and mural art and more!