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Sled Island - S.P. Davis / Sprïng / Summering

  • containR Art Park 1020 2 Ave NW Calgary, AB, T2N 1T6 Canada (map)

We’re so excited to partner with Sled Island and Open Streets Calgary to bring you three incredible musicians & bands from Vancouver.

S.P. Davis / 4pm

Rip Van Winkle awakens on the Enchanted Isle of Sled in the year 2015 and fashions a flamenco guitar out of trees and bicycle parts. He conducts a tenebrous ritual and dubs himself Sled Prince Davis, Lord of the Sylvan Forest and Time-Traveling Instrumentalist to Seegerist League for Electronic Dysphoria.

Sprïng / 5pm

A mathy vision quest of sound, Sprïng's music could easily fit within the Adventure Time universe. Animated, complex and happily confusing, the band has crafted a rhythm ready for rousting escapades. Grab your friends and go to distant lands with Sprïng—the fun will never end!

Summering / 6pm

Cascading post-rock progressions with warmly defined guitar coax listeners into a reflective state, while creamy, shoegaze-influenced vocals act like a sedative. This project's rolling atmosphere makes the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of cloud-chasing and exploration.