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WORKSHOP for Nuit Blanche | Rosario Sammartino: Reenactment of Anna Halprin's Blank Placard Dance

Come a prepare to be a part of a re-enactment of Anna Halprin's Blank Pacard Dance, led by Rosario Sammartino.

The Blank Placard Dance was conceived back in the 1970’s by dance pioneer Anna Halprin and originally performed by Halprin and the San Francisco’s dancer’s workshop as an arts-based demonstration against the Vietnam War. Blank Placard Dance is a simple score where the participants/dancers march in a line on the streets carrying blank white protest placards. “People would say, ‘what are you protesting?’ because it was blank. And we would say, ‘What would you like to protest?’- Explains Anna Halprin. The piece was conceived as a way to provoke audience participation and active involvement on the issues that matters to people on a personal and collective level. 

Anna Halprin’s Blank Placard Dance will be led by Rosario Sammartino at the Nuit Blanche Calgary on September 20, 2014 from 7PM -1AM at the Calgary Olympic Plaza & Municipal Plaza. 

Two workshops will be offered prior the event as a preparation for the performance. No previous performance or dance experience is required to participate. Please RSVP to attend workshops. There is no cost to attend the event or workshops. The workshops will introduce participants to the Life/Art Process; work originated by Anna Halprin and developed by Daria Halprin at Tamalpa Institute. 

Through Movement/Dance and the expressive arts participants will be guided to identify those personal and social issues that matters to them in preparation to the Re-enactment of the Blanc Placard Dance. 

Thursday, September 18th at 2:00PM-5:00PM at the Alberta College of Art & Design 
1407-14 Ave NW | Calgary 

Contact: Keesha 403-284-7680 or Keesha.palmer@acad.caand 

September 20th at 10:00AM-1:00PM at Springboard’s containR in Sunnyside
1020 2nd Avenue, NW | Calgary 
Contact 403-265-3230 or