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Triple Bill | SCPA Review

How long can we do this for? sparked my curiosity from the start as the trio opened the piece with an intense gaze towards each other. I was quite interested in the dialogue as it stated with the simplistic pleasures of an individual. The movement that ensued after the dialogue questioned just how pleasurable something could be until it pushed the boundaries of normalcy. I found that there was never a dull moment as there was consistent contrast between a multitude of dynamics, such as music and movement qualities, that kept me immersed throughout the piece.

The articulation of movements in Submission to Entropy was undeniably intriguing. I was truly captivated throughout this performance and revelled in the dancers’ connections to their bodies and to the music. The intricate undulation of the spine appeared to be so seemingly effortless and almost creature-like, while the head-tail connection and control in both dancers was notable. I was eager to explore every second of this piece, just as the dancers explored the space. Overall, it was a very well-done piece.

It Began with Watching, choreographed by Melanie Kloetzel, was incredibly dynamic and kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. This work addressed how easily a political system can become corrupt and instill fear in a society. The piece maintained a theme of child’s play that was emphasized by a puppeteer who conducted the dynamic of the group with tone, speed, and volume. Although a bit dark in its theme, this performance also had a comical aspect that kept the audience engaged. I particularly enjoyed this piece because of the different turns it took between serious and humorous moods, and how well these shifts were approached on what some might consider to be a triggering topic.

Alyssa Maturino is a first-year BA dance major at the University of Calgary, she has been dancing for seven years and is currently training in urban, jazz, contemporary and ballet. Alyssa is actively involved in the dance community and dances with illFX Education.