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This Duet That We've Already Done (so many times) | SCPA Review

Frédérick Gravel's This Duet That We've Already Done (so many times) fascinated the whole audience from the start. The duet showed all the intricacies of a convoluted relationship, including the appeal and rejection of each other, and the complex emotional situations a couple have to face. The use of really strong sounds including rock music, and the management of the lightning were key elements in engaging the audience in the moment, and helped us stay connected with the dancers.

The performance started with the two performers getting to know each other and demonstrating how they got into a relationship. The use of their body as part of the choreography became the main focus of the piece at this point. As an audience member, you could really understand what they were trying to express through their movement. The whole piece kept going through the stages of what human beings need to face during a relationship, and how it can become something really toxic and painful, yet necessary. When Fréderick started singing “Run for me darling, run for my life,” I realized that in a relationship even though others tell you that the relationship is hurting you, love is so blind that it does not allow you to realize the damage it can do to you.

The moment that stood out for me the most during the presentation was when the two dancers were standing next to each other, facing the audience exuding peace and calm through their whole bodies. The passion of Brianna and the ungracefulness of Fréderick brought the piece a distinct sensitivity. It gave the piece a sensation of playfulness and mystery.

Mariana Cornejo is from Querétaro, Mexico. She has been living in Calgary for two months, and is a first year student in the BA Dance program at the University of Calgary. Mariana started dancing when she was three years old, pursuing Ballet, Jazz and Musical Theatre. Her biggest interest is Musical Theatre and choreography.  She has taught ballet and jazz for five years in Mexico.