Thirsty for Something... by Megan Koch

BODY OF WATER: A Creative Stream of Exchange went above and beyond a contemporary show. The physical exploration that occurred in the Bow River, on Saturday September 26th, was a full body and mind experience.

Starting on the Peace bridge, the combination of dancers from both Surge co. and W&M2 began their trek across the bridge and down to the riverside. Intertwined, the dancers desperately crawled and pushed each other to the end. Their breath created seamless transition the entire way. The resistance in their movement created the feeling that they were deprived of something, possibly pushing through a daunting obstacle. In contrast, the performers on the rock island, Wojciech Mochinej, Anne Troake, Aimée Dawn Robinson, and Oriana Pagnotta, below the bridge were moving in a more mechanical robotic way. A random series of guzzling water, spitting water, and pouring water occurred. The dancers continued to waste water, and acquire more from the river for a long period of time. The rock island dancers compared to the bridge dancers, who were at the river edge observing the island, were different in the way that the bridge dancers seemed thirsty for something, and the island dancers were being indulging and wasteful. After all the water on the island seemed to run out, they changed, they were now desperate, or thirsty, and began crawling to the waters edge. Never quite making it. This choreography fit perfectly with the layout of the bridge and the island, it would be very interesting to see the contrast of this piece performed in a lake in Whitehorse, or an ocean bay in St.John's. This piece and the possibilities of this piece left me wanting more, and certainly thirsty for something.

By Megan Koch

Dancer & Student of the University of Calgary School of Creative & Performing Arts Dance Program

Dancer & Student of the University of Calgary School of Creative & Performing Arts Dance Program