Theatre for the People


You may have come to containR. Or you may have heard about containR. If you are acquainted with it you know it is made from shipping containers that are retrofitted and it is currently residing in Sunnyside Calgary.  Last year we ran a campaign on Invest YYC to raise money to build a theatre for containR. We had 3 problems all at the same time: we plateaued at $1685; Invest YYC ran out of matching funds; the city flooded and attention was diverted to much more important things. 

We didn’t reach our financial goal. We're trying this again. 

We found a shipping container that doesn’t need to be retrofitted immediately. It costs $6000 dollars. It won’t be as fancy, but it will have good bones. And of course it is all starts with "good bones". The shipping container we want opens at the widest point to create a beautiful outdoor proscenium arch. With the bones in place we can have a bare bone active space being used the moment the structure is moved on to the Sunnyside site.

This would look great on our containR courtyard

We think $6000 for a theatre that can accommodate 350 people (on our courtyard) is a modest and attainable goal.

Our campaign has been running for just over a month and we are half way there.

Join our heroes list and donate click on containR on the top bar, scroll down and click Donate.

Tax receipts with all donations of $25.



Sandra Sawatzky