Tentacle Tribe Review by Jenny Chanthabouala

"Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid - the title alone arises curiosity and wonder about the dynamic duo, known as Tentacle Tribe. With their fusion of contemporary style and urban dance, Elon Hoglund and Emmanuelle Le Phan embody the word fluid in Fluid Festival; they deliver choreography that penetrates the heart, allowing their audience to feel the flow of their movements and witness a story of beautiful struggle that is relationships. 

The opening scene begins with minimal dancing, yet affects with maximum impact, as Hoglun and Le Phan's mere movements mirror one another perfectly. It is clear from the start that the duo has undeniable chemistry, as they stall their poses in sync, as if the audience was viewing pictures on a slideshow. Throughout the choreography, their transitions are smooth and effective, their movements sturdy at times and then gentle flow the next - using each other's bodies to support and uplift each movement. They have the ability to mime their arms like tentacles, showcasing their talent for contemporary style and their eccentric ideas derived from urban dance. Combining both styles of dance, Hoglun and Le Phan demonstrate the effectiveness that diversity brings.

The compelling choreography illustrates a story of relationships, choices, and reality. As the duo paints a picture with movement for their audience, Hoglun and Le Phan allow us to understand that any relationship in life requires harmony, understanding, and support from one another. In a truly powerful scene, Le Phan has a solo where the prominent B-girl dances with a long yarn of wool, sitting on a chair, utilizing her fingers, toes, and legs, while Hoglun sits idly on the floor, the yarn around his neck, a somber look on his face. What is clear in this scene is that every choice one can make for their own life can affect others, especially those who love you. Concluding the choreography, they end the way they began, as they stall their poses in sync. The last glimpse we get of Hoglun and Le Phan, as they wake up from a dream, is a gaze at each other of gratitude, as if the dream they just experienced could be a reality where they do not have each other; we are shown that life is better not alone. 

Tentacle Tribe fuses all elements of urban dance and the flexibility of contemporary style to deliver a moving choreography that a mass variety of audiences not only can relate to, but thoroughly enjoy."

by Jenny Chanthabouala

An art enthusiast with a passion for creative expression. 

An art enthusiast with a passion for creative expression.