Telemetry | SCPA Review

Shay Kuebler and Radical System Art, with the help of the extremely talented Danny Nielsen, put on an engaging and electric show from start to finish. Telemetry used the intense percussion of Danny’s tap to contrast and enhance the already impressive movement from the dancers. Utilizing a combination of bebop, swing, and contemporary dance to great effect, the dancers of Telemetry showcased their utmost control over the dance to create an extremely dynamic performance.

The show begins in the dark. As Danny begins to tap lights begin to flicker in response to his sounds. Dancers weave in and out of the lights; they are never truly visible for more than a few seconds at a time. The group rolls and dives through an incredibly impressive display of explosive movement before abruptly hitting stops and pauses. By mimicking and contrasting the movements of Danny Nielson, the rest of the company creates a sense of communication. A connection is formed between the dancers on stage, and the audience. As the show progresses, the energy builds and the movements get faster and more frantic. Additionally, the lighting continues to draw focus towards the dancers in an incredible way. By using motion tracking, Telemetry is able to highlight the movements and connections of the dancers.  

Telemetry is the process of recording and transmitting data. In the show Telemetry, the dancers use their movements and bodies to translate intangible thoughts and ideas into something physical. Their movements, stimulated by the rhythm and light, make a performance that leaves the audience enthralled. At the end of the show the cast stands in the dark with only the sounds of their ragged breathing filling the space, bringing the piece to a natural organic close.

Evan Cooksley is a third-year Dance Major at the University of Calgary. He has extensive training in many forms of dance, including Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary. Evan has been a member of the Tritone Rhythm Ensemble, the Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede, and is a current member of the Show Company.

Katherine Holm