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We want to put on a great series of free performances, concerts and community events at containR in 2016. We also want to build a cob oven on a flat bed so that it can travel to other communities, as well as build more benches for sitting at containR.

Last year we presented Music & Market, a bi-weekly Thursday event hosting great live music on the containR Stage. Springboard Performance also showcased the site-specific Body of Water series, a choreographed set of works at the Bow River about our waterways.  We also presented Front Lawn Dances in Sunnyside and Forest Lawn, a citizen led program where we pair people from the community with choreographers to create performances on their very own Front and back yards. They come together to tell and perform/dance/sing/act out stories about their neighbourhoods. People in the audience travel from one home to another like a Jane’s walk or progressive dinner to see the performances. One letter we received last year said, There is that magical moment when strangers in an audience become a community and it happened here
This kind of programming is great for communal spirit. We want to do more of the same this year.

In summer 2015 we built 12 benches with volunteers and they are wheely popular. All ages play and sit on them. We would like to build 12 more benches and repair the ones that need it.  The cob oven is something many people want to realize at containR as a project. We want to do it and also want to be able to share it with other parts of the city thus the flat bed idea.

That’s why we are asking you to put skin in the game. Dig into your pocket and donate $5 monthly. Small donations are important. They add up when they come from many people. And there are over 2000 of you dear newsletter subscribers. On our donation page you can specify how you want your donation to be used.

Our goal is to reach $6,000 by June 30th.

Let containR team spirit move you and DONATE.


Pamela Tzeng