She Said So | Review by Mandy Morris

She Said So is a thought provoking triple bill that features works by Meghann Michalsky (Calgary), Heather Ware (Banff/Netherlands) and Vanessa Goodman (Vancouver). They provide insight into the experience of a female choreographer in today’s society.

The first piece of the night was Reawaken by Michalsky featuring music composed by Calgary’s own Nathaniel Schmidt. The piece explores the tension and release that is experienced by a volcano. The interplay between the dancers clearly told the story of the anticipation of explosion followed by the maze like winding of lava which connects with itself before it dives again in the it’s simultaneous destruction and creation.


 A Fine Kind of Madness (Part I) choreographed by Ware is part spoken word, part dance. With complete disregard for the fourth wall, Ware draws the audience in with her incredible physicality and ability to hold space through stillness. Her delivery was raw and real, allowing the audience to feel like they were not watching the performance but part of the creative process.

Show8_SheSaidSo_Ware (1).jpg

The highlight of the night was Container by Goodman. This piece combines the best of contemporary dance with thoughtful costume and lighting design and incredible music to tell the story of the confines that a body can place on it’s inhabitant. After a deep exploration of movement, societal expectations and electronic music; Goodman finishes the piece with a bit of humor in a way that not only pokes fun at the audience but also reinforces the themes she introduced throughout the piece. In my mind, I imagined her saying “You want me to dance for you? Sure, I’ll dance for you.” in a sarcastic tone before the lights went dark.


 Mandy Morris is a jazz vocalist and children’s performer. She just released her first album “On the Sunny Side of the Street” and is a student at the University of Calgary.

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