Review: Nobody Messes with a Pixelated Squid by Danielle Gauthier

Photo Caption: Yura Liamin 

Photo Caption: Yura Liamin 

To view the beautiful duo that is Tentacle Tribe is to receive the gift of seeing two humans work perfectly together to create a masterpiece. The two fuse together contemporary and b-boying/b-girling to create an interesting meld which will keep you searching for more.

The sheer simplicity of some of the movements used in the piece, which gradually get repeated and shifted throughout the piece, is genius. The way this duo capture the eye with simple pauses and the reaction that each has to the others movement creates a clear image that is jaw-droppingly irreproachable.

This piece has is completely relevant to the group's name (Tentacle Tribe) and title (Nobody Messes with a Pixelated Squid), as demonstrated by the tentacle and squid like motions. The ooey gooey ripples through the body, flowing to the arms, the legs, the head and what other body parts they could incorporate, creates a dynamic flow to the pieces, which transmits to the audience a sense of both relaxation and excitement.

The way these two performers move together is flawless. Their transitions are so at ease that it is as if the performance is no struggle at all. The weight shifts on each other are smooth and are very impressive. These two move together as if they were molded for each other. The eye connection and focus between them is astonishing. Even when the couple is not in each other's eyesight, you can feel the connection between them and are just waiting for them to finally look at one another.

This piece is a must see. I recommend it to everyone. This company is pushing contemporary dance to evolve new movements and styles.

By Danielle Gauthier

Danielle Gauthier is a dancer from Edmonton that is currently enrolled in her second year at the University of Calgary for a BA in Dance.