COLLECTING MEMORIES | Call for submissions - L.O.V.E.deconstructed


The call for submissions for the Fluid Fest 2019 iteration of L.O.V.E.deconstructed is now closed.

If you’d like to submit a recording for the Phase II of the project which will continue in 2020, please send you memory to before October 27, 2019.

Lend your voice to the creation of an original performance piece in Calgary

L.O.V.E.deconstructed is a research project lead by artist Barbara England. It relies on community participation at all levels of the creative process. The project will culminate in a live performance at the new Central Public Library during Springboard Performance’s Fluid Fest 2019.

A Memory Bank will be created to include hundreds of intimate memories anonymously shared by individuals throughout the city. The research looks into the limitations of language as a way of transmitting memory. How do we experience intimacy? How do our bodies store intimate memories?

Through a process of reverse story-telling, the project will reconstruct your memories to create a new, shared experience that reflects the collective identity of the city. During the performance, the past will intertwine with the present, just as your story will intertwine with hundreds of others.


The project asks you to share an audio recording of a single intimate memory that involves yourself and one other person. Try to recall as much detail as you can. So far, stories have ranged from experiences with lovers, parents, patients, strangers, friends, etc. We ask for recordings to be between 1 - 5 minutes long. It can be told in any way you like, prepared beforehand or told on the fly. Just be honest and dive into the memory!

Examples of previously submitted memories:

All recordings will remain anonymous. By submitting, you consent to have your recording potentially integrated into the soundscape of the performance installation, L.O.V.E.deconstructed.

All ages are encouraged to participate!

Use one of the following devices to record your story:

  • Smart phone

  • Laptop or desktop computer

  • Hand-held recorder

Send the audio as a .wav or .mp3 file to the below email address, using SUBJECT LINE: Audio Submission:

If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact Barbara England by emailing


Barbara England is a Calgary based dance and performance artist. After completing a classical ballet education, she expanded her training to include contemporary dance, performance, and live art practices. She worked as a dance artist for six years before pursuing a postgraduate choreographic residency in Kassel, Germany. She has recently had the opportunity to work, study, and perform in Kassel, Berlin, Hamburg, Lisbon, and Amsterdam. As a performance maker, she uses practice-based research as the groundwork for delving into experimental, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative processes. 

In her work L.O.V.E.deconstructed, Barbara is particularly interested in the embodiment of intimacy in relation to space and memory. Her work aims to challenge notions of authorship while using the body as the site for public-private discourse. She refers to the ‘private body’ as a vessel that bridges the gap between ‘self/other’ or ‘performer/spectator.’ Her artistic practice is experimental by nature and involves community participation in all phases of the creative process.  

L.O.V.E.deconstructed launched in Germany in 2017 with the intention of identifying the universal corporeal experience of intimacy that is shared amongst people of diverse backgrounds. Memories were gathered from people around the world (including most countries in Western Europe, Japan, Korea, Ghana, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, and the United States). We look forward to reflecting Calgary’s diversity in this project.