The 9:15 am workshop held at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks gave my day the friendly kick-start it needed. I found myself leaving the 90 min class feeling agile, confident and ready to take on my day. Thanks to the relaxed assurance of Vancouver-based dance artist Justine Chambers, twenty-some Calgary and area dancers were offered the same dose of ‘your awesome’ for morning class.

Her tactful guidance required each dancer to trust the intelligence of their body and discard preoccupations to ‘do a good job’. This is not to say that the class lacked challenge. As a tightly wound wad of muscle, I have often questioned the intelligence of my body in dance. With Justine’s assurance I dove in and sought out my body smarts. Her technique offers an excellent reminder of body mechanics and momentum, the natural sequencing of the body moving through space and with gravity, that our minds often forget.

Among true stories, cheers of encouragement and her rock’n playlist, Justine managed to guide us towards uncovering the greatest challenge. Beyond rising to external expectations lies honestly surpassing your own.

The key… ‘ Wait for weight.’ (Justine Chambers)   

Check out Justine Chambers in Quiver/ His and Here by Nicole Mion – Oct 18-19



Alison Kause is an Edmonton based contemporary dance artist and a collective member of the Good Women Dance Society.

Sandra Sawatzky