Isolated Studies & Study For Anima/DarkRoom | Review by Claire Winther

 Josh Martin creates his work “Isolated Studies” on the grounded yet breath-filled movement of dancer Hilary Maxwell. Maxwell’s disorientation is exhibited through her susceptibility to be completely absorbed in her movement by allowing her body to trace new pathways within the space. Through minimalistic staging and understated lighting, by James Proudfoot, Maxwell’s complex movement style is amplified. Experimenting with circular and angular movements, Maxwell’s transitions from high to deep dimensions are seamless as she remains in an internalized state of perplexion. Despite an ever changing intensity of synthesized accompaniment, Maxwell remains self-inquisitive, manipulated by the constant drone of the pulsing music. Maxwell is captivating in her versatility and dedication to Martin’s concept of negotiating the unfamiliar.

Krump pioneer 7Starr is passionately commanding, yet subtly humoristic in the second work, “Study of Anima/Darkroom”, choreographed by Lucy M. May. The analogy of a photographic darkroom is created through the effervescent visuals of Jon Cleveland’s lighting abilities; emphasizing the allusion towards the complex construction of krump. 7Starr reflects on the stereotypical views of krump through mockeratory toned dialect. His desire becomes known; for one to accurately view his culture in a holistic way, rather than as an aggressively labeled dance form. A red light bulb suspended from the ceiling draws the attention of the dancer who encompasses the glow with the fundamental hand gestures of krump. Maintaining a constant circular groove throughout the course of the work, 7Starr shifts from tension-filled tendencies, to allow his body to sink into the fog layered floor, experience more diversity in his movement capacity. 7Starr alludes to the auditory and visual relationship established in krump culture by exploring how the removal of either element affect the overall perception.


The two works, though unique in approach, embody a cohesiveness by exploring the unexplored through the process of deconstruction.


Claire Winther is a first year student from Victoria, BC who is completing a double major in Dance and Kinesiology at the University of Calgary.

Katherine Holm