Flip FabriQue - CATCH ME! Review

By Margaret Glover-Campbell

The scene opens on an empty cabin. It's raining. One by one, the six friends enter and we, the audience, are invited into their overnight reunion.

As the performance unfolds we're treated to the intimacy and familiar rhythms found among old friends. From one to the other, jumping, catching, forming a human net within a fluidity of movement. 

We're treated to beautiful aerial rope work, hula hoop floor work, hoop aerial work and juggling. The music weaved through the story, evoking emotions in sync with the movement. 

A game of Marco Polo inside sleeping bags delighted everyone, echoed through resounding squeals and giggles from the children in the audience.

And then came the trampoline grand finale! It's the next morning and the six friends mesmerized us all through their high flying acrobatics. Bouncing up, down, sideways and using the vertical surface of the cabin as though it were on a horizontal plane. 

Flip FabriQue mesmerized and delighted the audience and lived up to the world-renowned artists supported and profiled by Springboard's Fluid Festival. As the festival winds down for another year, I'm waiting for what's next. 

A self-confessed art, music and technology geek, Margaret's 'renaissance woman' sensibilities mean that her broad and diverse range of passions and interests - everything from bio-science to modern art to the quest for the perfect margarita - can all co-exist in perfect covalent harmony. Margaret has served on the Springboard Board of Directors and actively enjoys the performances of the Fluid Festival. 

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