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Double Bill Review by Audrey Lane Cockett

Sara does a Solo and YES

Sara Porter and Linnea Swan’s respective one-woman shows brought a curious and sincerely funny night to Fluid Fest.

Sara’s unconventional blend of modern dance, clowning, improvisation, and monologues (not to mention ukulele, singing, tap, video, and prop work…!!!) gave life to the story of hilarious self-examination. Her unashamed honesty underpinned every movement and monologue as she playfully engaged with change and the limitations of the world. She skillfully drew together disciplines and delivered the solo with a heartfelt and inquisitive quality that won over the audience and endeared us to this strange and personal comedy.

YES instantly had everyone laughing with Linnea’s savagely honest, relatable, and hilarious video diary. The satirical one-woman show unpacked Yvonne Rainer’s No Manifesto with skilled movement, video, monologue, charisma, and wit. The show definitely had some inside jokes for the dance community, but the theme of confronting ‘No’ and the unfailingly human struggle for joy was captivating and teary eyed hilarious. Ultimately, she brought everyone in, poked fun at the seriousness of some modern dance, and moved us through the meeting of ridiculousness and simplicity. Each piece of comedy and tragic truth resonated in the whole room. Linnea’s beautifully executed performance and cutting humour will have you saying and feeling YES! If you can, go see it!

Audrey Lane is a poet, spoken word artist, arts organizer, and park naturalist based in Calgary, AB. Her work is rooted in her passion for wild, outside and in. Themes of mental health, gender equality, the dualities of love, and the natural world often percolate into her poems. She has competed and performed nationally and internationally, completed residencies in the Yukon and at Banff Centre for the Arts, is co-captain of Calgary’s 2017 Slam Team, and loves creating and performing in ways that stretch the edges of art. She is invested in exploring poetry and its intersections with other disciplines, soundscapes, learning, healing, and transformation.

Website: www.audreylane.xyz             Instagram: @audreylane.c