Montreal Cible de Dieu (Target of God) An existential crisis taking place without his knowing

Grand Poney at the Fluid Festival 2011

Grand Poney | Image Credit: Artist

“Everything this talented, multidisciplinary artist touches is transformed into gold.”

— Sylvain Vestricht,

Cible de Dieu (Target of God) is a solo that speaks of delusion and defeat — with a humorous twist. The piece explores the human need to understand our reason for being, our path and purpose and exposes the personal turmoil of an ingenious and ill-fated antihero as he confides to the audience — a lamb fed to the wolves.

Jacques Denis-Poulin is a triple threat. He acts, dances and composes music for his physical theatre creations.

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Big Secret Theatre Friday, October 14 — Friday post-show artist talk Saturday, October 15 8:00 PM $31 Regular | $26 Students


what’s it worth / spacing advanced conditions

Stephen Thompspn at the Fluid Festival 2011

Stephen Thompson | Image Credit: Artist

"Stephen brings strong hopes for the future of contemporary research and creation."

— Benoît Lachambre

This text may or may not have anything to do with what will occur this evening. However, an aspect of my interests lies within the very sequence of participating in a performance event or how one comes into contact with art. Part of the preliminary phases of this ritual of the concert involves artists to submit text to accompany their ephemeral proposals, to offer another possible bridge into the experience that may or may not affect the viewer’s perspective. This chronology of details will be under suspicion. The experience itself becomes performance.

Stephen Thompson is a performer, choreographer, and pedagogue from Calgary, who has bases in Montreal and Paris. His introduction to movement and performing was through competitive figure skating. He received a Bachelor of Kinesiology (art and science of movement) minor in Contemporary Dance from the University of Calgary. He is a choreographer and frequently teaches workshops and classes in Canadian and European schools, communities and universities.

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Big Secret Theatre Friday, October 14 — Friday post-show artist talk Saturday, October 15 8:00 PM $ 31 Regular | $26 Students