Fluid in the Mountains

Fluid in the Mountains

Fluid in the Mountains — at The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta Shiva Ganga Traditional Kuchipudi program

“Like the dancing glow of a flame, which enlightens us.”

— Vogue, Paris

Shantala Shivalingappa will perform at The Banff Centre for the Arts featuring Kuchipudi, a classical form of dance from southern India where following tradition, the soloist is accompanied by musicians. From the very first notes, she incarnates the characters of legend in an exuberant, rhythmic dialogue between the body and the music. Accompanied by four master musicians, Shantala appears in Shiva Ganga, a work that explores the balance between the Hindu gods Shiva, who creates and sustains the universe through dance, and Ganga, who embodies grace and elegance.


Margaret Greenham Theatre Tuesday, October 25 7:30 PM $25 Regular | $20 Subscribers .