RADIO DJ(D) 11:00 am Wednesday October 9. The skies turn to Slurpee.  It's Hump Day at The Fluid Movement Festival.

containR is ready to roll (not really, it's quite secure) and I found it easily on the East Village River Walk. People pass by me, busy pulling cable and pulling collars closer to block out the unseasonable chill. It doesn't feel grim at all though, rather more like something is ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

The Radio Play I had originally driven down to see is there, but so is Vicki Willis from Decidedly Jazz. She's waiting for a dress rehearsal and yes; those dancers are going to dance inside and outside of the hip containerR. Like the mail delivery of old, these artists will perform rain or shine, sleet or hail…or Slurpee skies.

There is a buzz, and Nicole Mion is looking for a buzz too. I find her in a well-appointed small container, phone in hand working out some last minute details. She greets me with a smile...or is it for me? Kim Cooper, an angel in a puffy coat, has brought hot coffees...and sandwiches! Smiles and lattes all around.


Nicole and I discuss how we first met (years ago actually in a Calgary still basking in the glow of the 88 Olympics). There's an air of Olympic calibre excitement in the East Village today. And better yet there's sunshine in the forecast. So yeah, check out the dancers and radio plays and art...Fluid Festival runs until October 21. Lots of parking, coffee if you need it and, of course, the Feast of the Physical.





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