The folks at Springboard Performance explained ContainR to me but I still wasn’t sure what to expect other than a metal cargo container with artsy stuff in it. When I went to check out the satellite ContainR site at King Edward School this weekend, I realized that it was exactly that but so much more. It is a physical space – a gallery, with so much potential to house anything the mind creates yet maintain the mobility of a cargo container and move from place to place to increase opportunities for interaction. 

With so many performances and exhibits involved, you could hang around ContainR all day and never see the same thing twice. It was especially neat to see the amazing work of local and Canadian artists. There was a video reel that was filmed in Calgary and was so polished and professional that I could have easily mistaken it for being Hollywood produced. I also had the pleasure of watching a pop-up performance by a few girls from Decidedly Jazz Danceworks who boldly filled the hallow space in ContainR with grand movements and the beautiful self-expression that comes from contemporary dance. 
This year, the ContainR exhibit was part of Alberta Culture Days - a celebration of art, heritage and cultural diversity, which made art accessible and public for all to enjoy. Check out ContainR at the Fluid Festival officially kicking off October 10th at East Village. There is something for everyone.

GUEST BLOGGER: Mackenzie Chu 

Mackenzie Chu is a local advertising professional who loves seeing peoples" passions and talents expressed in the community

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