The Beginning!

Sandra Sawatzky is an artist who makes dance films.

Saturday, September 15

We live in an energy city. It dances to a go go go beat that is as exhilarating as it can be exhausting. I love how dance so beautifully translates that drive. When I watch dancers, those magicians of extraordinary physical feats, I am transported for days, weeks, and years after. Their energy is transferred to me and like the famous battery I feel like I can keep going and going and going. Understandably I want this abundance of inspiration to wash over me and can hardly wait to see the line-up of Kidd Pivot, Circle of Eleven, Bboyizm and Way West.


 Kidd Pivot's THE TEMPEST REPLICA | Fluid Festival 2012


The amazing people from Springboard Performance are on the cusp of presenting Fluid Movement Festival’s seventh year of astonishing dance performances. All that transpires to make the festival sail smoothly through its appointed days sometimes is about moving mountains, or if not moving them, navigating around them, because with artistic director Nicole Mion mountains are mere obstacles and cannot stop her dream to make something wonderful happen.


One of those mountains has been to launch the Fluid Festival’s festival within a festival containR. There is a lot of talent in Calgary but not enough places to showcase it. So for Calgary’s 2012 celebration Springboard decided to introduce a gypsy camp of re-purposed shipping containers retrofitted as performance and art installation venues. Through complex negotiations the first pop-up containR will be in East Village, an area of the city that wants to champion public art and culture.


With Calgary’s downtown riverfront providing the backdrop, performances by Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, new works by emerging choreographers in SPARK and a mysterious show called Belly of the Beast are on the programme. As well two artist installations from MOCA will inhabit two of the containers and Wordfest will present a recording of this year’s WordPlay inside another. For people who like Shakespeare in the park and outdoor festivals containR is going to be a sweet addition that I hope will be embraced by Calgarians.


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