Physical Theatre Cabaret


A Romp, Riddle and Ride in to the Riotously, Ridiculous It’s time for the Physical Theatre Cabaret! Every year the Fluid Festival likes to pull up a chair in our favourite bar where Calgary artists get whimsical and irreverent. This is a not-to-be-missed night of ribald entertainment that you can’t prepare for — including indigenous hoop dancing, a monologue on black boots, reflections on statuing and a pot and pan tap dance. Expect the unexpected.

On the Bill This Year Tina Guthrie Yukichi Hattori Jill Henis | MixOLOGY danceMine Walter Kubanek Sandra Lamouche Tony Tran Nicole Tritter Decidedly Jazz Danceworks dancers/creators: Shayne Johnson, Dinou Marlett-Stuart and Katherine Hayword Mark Ikeda (EMCEE)


Auburn Saloon October 11, 9:30 PM October 13, 9:30 PM

$15 at the door Must be 18 +