Post Interrarium

March 11, one month after Interrarium. Here are some of my final notes, questions and thoughts.

Sara layers. She layers with dance choreography, spirituality, politics, her writing. Peter questions. He questions with installation, storytelling and "walking". Andrea proposes. She brings the art of "proposals", "time", use of the environment, precision. In Andrea's work, everything in the environment counts, everything reads. In Sara's work, the inner environment counts as well as the exterior environment. In Peter's work, observations, making connections, mixing them all up and starting over counts.

It was incredibly synchronistic.

As a partner in Interrarium and someone who has been privileged to participate each year, I have questions for past and future "Interrariumers". How does one come with their own work? How does one allow themselves to be influenced by the mix of people, the mix of genres, the workshop moments? How does one allow Interrarium to take up space in their individual art practice? How does one critically dialogue? with self, with others and across disciplines? Is Interrarium a holiday or a challenge? Can one leave Interraium unchanged? Is there more? Can connections, dialogue, critique, work continue?