Day 8

Started out energized, mind a whir with possibilities.Now,so tired.

It's been Peter and Sara together for a week, but now a shift, for on Sunday night Andrea joined us!!

Monday was a big change in practicality and negotiation, for now we had 3 facilitators to work and time evenly with! Andrea shared ideas of working with "double time". ( I know I'm saying it wrong. It's not Andrea's word. It is a concept where you are present and also responding at the same time and also behind but dealing). We built up slow. There was an exercise where one responds and follows another but takes on the rhythm and speed of an entirely different person. That continued into an exercise where one person comes out and stands in front of the audience and has to dance!! The trick is not to respond out of judgement or fear but to only move when moved and genuine. It is weird. It is totally easy to see when one is trying to hard or trying to fake it. It even got more complicated with another person going up and responding to the audience and the person up there. Wow I'm really losing it tired wise. I'm having trouble typing out sentences even though my mind is a whir. Okay so I'm stopping now. Lots more tomorrow.

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