Day 4

hanging out

Peter began the day.

His installation works use sounds. He commented on how he tracks sounds. Example: A train ride with eyes closed is a very different journey and understanding. His proposition was to take a walk together to Banff. Always within sight of each other but out of earshot. Ear-full of one's own ability to track sounds and remember the sounds along the journey. I lost sight of Valerie in front of me and our walk was reduced. So we waited for the rest of the group to finish the walk and then we began again. We started the walk over and went into the Banff downtown too. After returning, we wrote out the sounds.

Sara got the afternoon.

I had to miss part of the afternoon. Continuing melodrama with my car. Flat tire. But I have roadside assistance and thus arranged for help. Help revealed a nail in my tire and being an hour late for Sara.

When I arrived back Sara was working with the idea of energy that one can feel above the body. If one moves their hands 1-3" above the body,energy is felt and can be played with. It is a delicate thing. The responder will feel the play with their energy. The task is to respond to the play and move with it. That exercise grew and grew and went on to solos, duets and big group work. Sara then talked about solo, responder and neutral. In our lives and creative work there may be dominance of one or the other. Which one are each of us? Have we always been one or another? If we're aware of our patterns can we break them? She had us break into groups of three.Each person would be assigned a role and then switch after a time so all would experience solo, responder and neutral. It grew from the trio experimenting for themselves to experimenting in front of others to being an open experiment with everyone and anyone coming in and out to individuals experimenting with all three within themselves.

There is still more happening with this day. As I write, my fellow Interrariumers are meeting together to discuss critical dialogue. I'm sure a wonderful discussion is going on.

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