Officially Day 3 but...

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It's officially day 3 but really it's only been 2 full days. It feels like we've been here longer. But tomorrow I will say day 4. Official aside:This is totally my take.I'm not trying to be critical here. I'm trying to highlight with detail somethings that have stuck out for me. I'm like a student again. I want to make notes on the important things. No critical dialogue here- only me. It starts at 10 but I go out each morning. Yesterday was a harrowing trip back to Calgary for banking reasons and I ran out of gas. There was a bright light saying it was out of fuel. The car was slowing down and I saw a gas station on the other side of the highway. I turned off and made it to the gas station. Then I sped back to Banff making amazing time but still late. Today was a happy,harrowing day of starting with cross country skiing.Happy because I was skiing, harrowing because there wasn't much snow and it was really icy. So I want to add more: Day 1, Sara started the day off. We are working with energy. Understanding the internal energy and how that informs the body and its' choices. We did chi gong and then moved into explorations and partnering that required one to remain true to their energy and their partner's energy. Explorations that require one to understand and play with using opposing lines of energy in the body and then continuing that into movement explorations. Peter introduced us to the idea of installation and the telling of stories. Each person was to have brought in photos and at least 5 objects from around their home that meant something.Then we introduced our objects and shared our stories about them and why we chose them. Peter noted that the objects were quite mundane and could even be considered junk ! But the stories imbued a sense of aura. For the future, in using them, we wouldn't be bringing up the stories, but they were a great start to the exploration of installation. Then Brian led an artist talk on critical dialogue. There's a loaded term. It turned into a great kvetching session with an admission that we have to explore the term, admit we didn't talk about it, we just bitched really. Full Day 2 We started out with Sara. Bits to the morning: Sara taught this amazing something work. You have a partner. One person lays down and thinks. Thinks thoughts, colours, whatevers and the other person works on their body with the intention of taking away unnecessary thought bubbles ( that settle in different parts of the body). With sound, with pressure, with strokes the other person addresses those places. Another bit: again with a partner. One person is lying down focussed on breath. The other is supporting their body in finding looseness, change of breath and the progression of moving into a sol that is initially supported and adding songs. Then no support and witnessing. Then coming back to the ground and connecting with the heart chakra and its' bowl. And then going maternal and exploring that. And then and then and then

With Peter, we began to explore the place of installation. We brought back our objects. First we create an installation together placing our things. The rules were: Be careful with other people's objects. Treat them with respect . The second was pay attention to the space. You are welcome to make association. Don't hurt, disrespect, or downplay another item. Then came criticism. Then came the opportunity to house other people's items to go elsewhere. More than a few people admitted to the process and the look being excruciating. We agreed to a new structure suggestion by Peter: Arrange the items according size in a line. Wow!!! Different experience!! The objects became less precious ( at least for me) It was a very interesting line. Objects took on a different meaning. For me, it was a about a whole.. The line looked amazing!! But then it evolved. We each got got to pick 5-6 items each, not our items necessarily and arrange them together. My opinion- they were great installations. but then there will be more...

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