Spark - An Inside Perspective

Note from Springboard: Jessica McCarrel, co-curator with Kris Kelly of Spark, has given us a bit of insight into how Spark is coming together and their process:

I was excited when Kris Kelly approached me to curate Spark back in May.

Our incredibly diverse and talented lineup selected was the result of many coffee meetings and animated discussions. Discussions which pinpointed our mutual interest in interdisciplinary Contemporary art practices and a supportive hands-off curatorial approach. We headhunted those whom we wanted to assist and reviewed their work alongside those that had already submitted. With the artists were selected we worked with Springboard to develop a time lines, contracts, etc, to ensure that all parties clearly understood their role in this process.

A summer meet and greet got everyone comfortable with the idea of collaborating but secretly was for us to figure out the pairings. Pairings which were announced last Tuesday, at Spark's official kick-off meeting where everyone came together to schedule the next two weeks leading up to the performances.

I'm excited to reveal that they are:

Chris Mandseth and Jamie Tea Jennifer Akkermans and Veronica Benz Josh Fraser Leda Davies Khan Barrera and Serenella Argueta Lisa Benshop and Christopher Duthie Shara Rosko and Naomi Brand

With most of our work now completed, our work now is minimal but supportive as the artists have just two weeks to invent a collaborative work that appeases both disciplines.

Can't wait to see the results!

Jessica McCarrel (and Kris Kelly)