The Tradition Continues

For the past 4 years, we have been attending the Physical Therapy Cabaret—a show that never ceases to make us think, laugh and reminisce.  This year was no exception – we all met at the Auburn to enjoy the small stage filled with big ideas. The lineup this year was an incredible mix of contemporary dance, theatre, tap, West African, comedy and music. A visual feast ensued. Nine artists, each with a unique idea, voice and means of communicating, took the stage to share. Danny Nielsen left us all awestruck at the sounds coming from his taps, although I couldn’t help but wonder what made him switch his music choice from D’Angelo to Pink Floyd. Veronica Benz and Helen Husak each explored unique characters through exciting, physical and dynamic dancing.  Miku Tsuchiya and Allara Gooliaff increased the danger factor and manipulated the space onstage to suit themselves. Tsuchiya took a small stage, made it miniscule and then blindfolded herself; while Gooliaff explored the height of the stage as she performed a West African piece on stilts. Neah Calcounis mixed storytelling and dancing while sporting a “postmodern tutu 2010”.  More storytelling occurred over beer in Mark Hopkin’s piece—proving humor can be found amidst tragic events.  Jamie Tonazzini enthralled us all with her school girl get-up, religious pleadings and very special stuffed animal.  Finally, there was Istvan – a truly unbarred artist, afraid of neither experiment nor expression. He used dance, video, song, and theatre to create a piece that was in our faces and over-stimulated all of our senses.

For me, Physical Therapy has always been a highlight of the Fluid Festival.  The diversity of pieces helps create uniqueness, year after year. So here’s to being creatively entertained and challenged in a bar setting. Cheers!