Springboard Dance Collective Calgary Society - Springboard Performance - is a registered non-profit, operating in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Springboard's Charity number is:  888267242 RR 0001

Under the artistic direction of Nicole Mion, Springboard maintains four separate arms of company activity:

- containR - a Pop-up arts and community installation, built from recycled shipping containers. Currently installed in Sunnyside.

- Fluid Movement Arts Festival Contemporary performance and dance festival of regional, national, and international artists.

- Interrarium Creation residency for professional artists at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Interrarium is an international multi-disciplined platform for contemporary performance that explores and reveals creative practice.

- Creation and Dissemination of work by Artistic Director Nicole Mion. Creation and Dissemination: of new modes of creativity and interdisciplinary performance for stage and screen integrating dance, theatre, new media and installation.


Springboard was incorporated in 1988 by a group of Calgary dancers and choreographers who wanted to create opportunities to develop and perform their own work. Under the original name, Springboard Dance Collective, the company produced shows and offered classes and workshops to the community. The company provided opportunities to numerous artists to risk, learn, create, perform and connect with a local and national community. Artists involved in the early direction of the company have included Linda Baker, Alison Bonney-Gregson, Kim Dunlop, Mariette Labelle, Robert Meilleur, Nicole Mion, Laurie Montemurro, Lucinda Neufeld, Trina Rasmuson, and Shelly Tognazzini. Springboard continues to build on its 20-year history. producing and presenting physical based contemporary creation in Calgary, Alberta. In 2003, Nicole Mion took over the artistic directorship for Springboard and has spearheaded the company’s redevelopment.