Yukichi Hattori (Calgary)


Oct 19, 7pm & Oct 20, 9pm

DJD Dance Centre Studio Theatre


Part of a triple bill

Yukichi Hattori (Calgary)

This piece is a meditation on how events of the past have shaped our culture and the way we live today.
Incidents that happened.
Choices that were made.
Things we learned.
Whether they were "good" or "bad" these moment in time have brought us to where we are today.

[Hattori] is a star dancer and a rising choreographic talent
— Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail


Yukichi Hattori’s career as a choreographer started in 2001,when he received the encouragement prize for his solo “Piece” at the Prix Dom Perignon choreographic competition in Hamburg, Germany. From 2004 to 2007, he annually created pieces in Tokyo, Japan with continuous success. His choreographic style ranges from classical to contemporary, narrative to abstract, enchanting audiences of all ages and tastes. Mr. Hattori’s international work also includes a creation for the Hamburg Ballet in 2005. Since joining the Alberta ballet in 2006, Mr. Hattori has created numerous works for the company such as “Seven Deadly Sins”, and “Pomp Without Circumstance”. He also helped to cultivate the company’s Up Close series with pieces like “Dump the Physical Memory” and “Temple”.

With a desire to present dance in many venues and to a broad audience, Mr. Hattori has contributed pieces to other performing art events in Calgary such as the High Performance Rodeo and Fluid Festival. His “Tubular Bells” was so successful that it is still the only production to have been performed twice in the Rodeo’s history; first in 2008 and again in 2010. In 2014 he presented a solo work “Kilter” at Festival des Arts de Saint Sauveur in Quebec with roaring success. His blend of dance styles mixed with an ability to see the humorous side of life gives his work a unique voice. His narrative work “Carmen” was premiered in Calgary in 2015. The piece blends classical ballet and contemporary dance in a perfect balance. The story is told through dance and not by mime, succeeding the style of his choreographic mentor, John Neumeier. His newest work “(rite)” will be premiered as a part of the Alberta Ballet’s mixed program “Dynamic Directions” in Calgary February 2016.

Ever interested in pushing the boundaries of dance, Mr. Hattori produced a “Physical Exhibition” in 2009 at the Setagaya modern art museum in Tokyo. The exhibition was an exploration of the dancer’s body and movement shown as a sculptural and architectural art piece. Mr. Hattori will continue pushing the boundaries of performing arts, bringing dance to any venue, mixing styles, and working with other artists and collaborators. His wish is to make dance a part of life for everyone.


Choreographer: Yukichi Hattori
Performers: Yukichi Hattori & students of H/W School of Ballet, Galien Johnston
Lighting designer: Yukichi Hattori
Composer/ sound design: TBD


Photo credit: PMG Images