NICOLE MION | Calgary / Vancouver

QUIVER | His and Hers

Presented in partnership with the Prairie Dance Circuit


Quiver flies high in the clouds of the imagination. Nicole Mion’s new work presents her magical realism way of thinking about experiencing the air that connects us all.  In two solos tailored for stellar Canadian performers Justine Chambers and James Gnam there is two meetings of the mind…and two takes on the magical. Accompanying them live is the duo talent Tariq, the singer songwriter from the Vancouver band Brasstronaut and well-known CBC Radio host. 

A quiver is known as a container for holding sharp objects and musical instruments and for Nicole Mion it is the choreographic frame for making the imagination dance. In Quiver she plays with the existence of invisible energies and different realities. Through dance with absent people and inanimate objects, where the energy of a plastic bag and a fan can represent an inner landscape and the air around us, we witness impossible events that jumpstart our imagination, putting the rational explanation of the skeptic in doubt and vice versa.