It's Going to Get Worse and Worse and Worse, My Friend

Voetvolk | Lisbeth Gruwez

Duration: 50 minutes
Choreography and Performance:  Lisbeth Gruwez
Composition, Sounddesign & Assistance: Maarten Van Cauwenberghe
Styling: Veronique Branquinho
Artistic Advisor: Bart Meuleman
Light Design: Harry Cole ; Light Assistant: Caroline Mathieu
Special Thanks to: Tom de Weerdt
Production: Voetvolk vzw

Photo: Luc Depreitere

Lisbeth Gruwez (°Kortrijk, Belgium 1977) started classical ballet at the age of 6 and in 1991 she was admitted at the ‘Stedelijk Instituut voor Ballet' in Antwerp where she could combine a professional dance education with high school. Afterwards she studied contemporary dance at P.A.R.T.S. .She started her professional career with Ultima Vez, in the Pasolini Project Of Heaven and Hell and Away From Sleeping Dogs with Iztock Kova. Since 1999 Lisbeth Gruwez has been working with Jan Fabre, performing in As Long As the World Needs a Warrior's Soul , followed by Je suis sang, the production for the Cour d'Honneur in Avignon. In 2001 she starred in Pierre Coulibeuf's film Les Guerriers de la beauté about Jan Fabre's work. In 2002 she starred in Images of Affection for Needcompany|Jan Lauwers. A year later Lisbeth worked with Grace Ellen Barkey in Few Things and Cry Me a River by Riina Saastamoinen. Still in 2003 she danced in Foi , which was a production by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In 2004 Jan Fabre created for and with her Quando l'uomo principale è una donna. She also participated in the installation Origine along with Peter Verhelst.

Major Motion Picture

Out Innerspace (Vancouver)

Duration: 65 minutes
Choreographed and performed by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen in collaboration with Laura Avery, Ralph Escamillan, Elissa Hanson, Arash Khakpour, Renée Sigouin
Lighting Design: James Proudfoot
Video Design and Manipulation: Craig Alfredson, Eric Chad, David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen
Costume Design: Kate Burrows, Sherry Randall, David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen
Sound Design: Tristan Vloeberghs and Gizem Karaosmanoglu, Kate De Lorme, David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen
Music: Tristan Vloeberghs and Gizem Karaosmanoglu, Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Morricone, Pulse Percussion Ensemble, Vanalles, Young Gutted, Skeeter Davis
Technical Director: Jeremy Collie-Holmes
Project Mentor: Crystal Pite
Apprentice: Elya Grant

Photo: Wendy D.

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is a Vancouver based company dedicated to furthering the development and appreciation of contemporary dance in Canada through the creation of innovative and integral dance works with personal and public significance. Artistic Directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen hail from British Columbia but their practice has lead them abroad including a 2 year residency in Belgium before returning to Vancouver to form Out Innerspace. Now OIS tours nationally and leads Modus Operandi a multi-year contemporary dance program for young aspiring professionals. OIS is devoted to movement invention, new technology, dialogue, collaboration, curiosity and risk taking as means to an ever evolving idiom that is both distinct and universally understood. They are determined to push beyond expected aesthetics with uncompromising rigour and unreserved ingenuity to make extraordinary, unforgettable and inclusive dance experiences.

Moi & les Autres (Me & the Others)

La Otra Orilla | Myriam Allard (Montreal)

Duration: 70 minutes
Design, Direction and Choreography: Hedi Graja and Myriam Allard
Music: Caroline Plante
Set design: Hedi Graja
Lighting: Étienne Boucher
Costumes: Marianne Thériault
Rehearsal: Hélène Messier
Sound: Philippe Pelletier
Régie lighting Hugo Ralet
On stage: Myriam Allard, Hedi Graja, Miguel Medina and Caroline Plante

Photo: Lumanessence Photography 2014

MYRIAM ALLARD - Sensitive to the world of music and dance from very early childhood, Myriam Allard’s life changed when she discovered flamenco. Aged 21, she left her home in Quebec to travel to Spain, where she lived for six years. After intensive training she began dancing professionally at the traditional tablaos flamencos in Spain, Japan, France and Germany. Drawing strength from her rigorous European training and extensive professional experience, Allard’s dance breaks free of the traditional esthetic boundaries to develop an idiom that combines the instinctive and the impulsive with great sensitivity and refinement. She now lives in Montreal, where she founded La Otra Orilla in 2006 with singer and director Hedi Graja. Within this company she has developed a unique choreographic expression and produced 7 different shows that have toured Canada, the US, South America and Great-Britain with much success.

HEDI GRAJA - coartistic director, singer and director
Multidisciplinary artist Hedi Graja was born with one foot on each shore of the Mediterranean, which crucially influenced his artistic identity. initiated into theatre in Paris, then classical singing in Toulouse. He was eventually introduced to flamenco, which would have a pivotal effect. He left for Seville to learn more and flamenco singing became his preferred expressive medium. After spending four years in Andalusia, he completed his studies in art and literature in Paris, where he also continued studying flamenco singing and collaborated as an actor with the theatre company, Le Théâtre du Voyageur. in 2005, he moved to Montréal where he founded company La Otra Orilla with dancer Myriam Allard. Since then, he has developed the company’s visual signature, taking charge of stage direction and design for all their productions. With a strong, fiery bass-baritone voice, rare in flamenco, Hedi Graja’s singing displays the elements of a deep flamenco, anchored and timeless.


Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie | Bill Coleman (Toronto)

Duration: 60 minutes
Choreographer: Bill Coleman
Performers: Bill Coleman/ Gordon Monahan
Lighting designer: Pierre Lavoie
Composer/ sound design: Gordon Monahan
Other acknowledgements: Arrow Jacket created by Edward Poitras.

Photo: Paul Antoine Taillefer

Bill Coleman is a choreographer and performer and co-artistic director of Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie. His choreographic work has been presented at the Tramway in Glasgow, New York’s Dance Theatre Workshop, Place Des Arts, Montreal, Alexandrinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Lab Rats | The Moon at Midnight

Lab Rats | Forcier Stage Works | Marie France Forcier (Calgary)

Duration: 30 minutes
Choreographer: Marie France Forcier
Performers: Heather MacPhail, Linnea Swan, Brendan Wyatt
Composer/ sound design: James Bunton

Photo: Walter Lai

Marie France Forcier draws on her extensive experience as a choreographer and artistic director of Forcier Stage Works in her role of Assistant Professor in Dance at the University of Calgary. Her choreography has been commissioned by various venues across North America, Europe and Asia. The bulk of her recent work explores PTSD and its resulting effects on the body.

The Moon at Midnight | Amber Borotsik (Edmonton)

Duration: 50 minutes
Choreographer: Amber Borotsik
Performers: Lin Snelling, Richard Lee, Brooke Leifso, Laura Raboud, Gianna Vacirca, Jeannie Vandekerkhove, Bill Yong, Performer TBA
Lighting designer: Stephanie Bahniuk
Composer/ sound design: Aaron Macr
Co-Creator/Dramaturge: Jesse Gervais

Photo: PK Photography

Originally from rural Manitoba, Amber is an Edmonton based creator and performer keenly interested in the intersection between improvisation, theatre, and contemporary dance practices. All of her work lands somewhere on the dance/theatre continuum, but exactly where changes from piece to piece. It was at the University of Alberta (BFA, Acting) where Amber met her mentor Linda Rubin, who first introduced her to improvisation as a performance practice. To date, Amber has created two full length works (Scythe, Backwater) and numerous shorter works ( Here. Like this.). She has performed, in both theatre and dance, across Canada, the United States and in Japan. in 2015 she received the TELUS Courage to Innovate award at the Mayor’s Evening for the Arts in Edmonton, and has been working in integrated and inter-ability dance communities for five years.

Triple Bill: Leftovers | The Distance that Separates Us | Dance Story

Leftovers | Company 605 | Josh Martin (Vancouver)

Duration: 18 minutes
Choreography and Performance:  Josh Martin
Lighting Design: Won Kyoon Han
Music: Lightning Bolt / Polmo Polpo
Rehearsal Direction:  Lisa Gelley
Special Thanks: Lee Su-Feh, Justine Chambers, James Proudfoot and Barbara Bourget

Photo: Tim Summers

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Josh Martin is a diversely trained dance artist with a career-to-date that has led him across North America and Europe, studying and performing in many genres along the way. Josh works primarily as Artistic Co-Director of Company 605 , a Vancouver-based arts organization producing new contemporary dance works in a shared creative process, and often touring across Canada and Internationally. As a performer and collaborator, he has also worked with many contemporary dance companies and independent choreographers such as Amber Funk Barton (the response.), Martha Carter, Day Helesic, Helen Walkley, Gail Lotenberg, Karen Jamieson, Dana Gingras (Animals of Distinction), Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond (Out Innerspace Dance Theatre), Vannessa Goodman (The Contingency Plan, Action at a Distance), Wen Wei Wang, and as a past company member of Le Groupe Dance Lab in Ottawa under the direction of Peter Boneham. His solo work has been performed in Vancouver, Moncton, Portland, Seattle, throughout Germany, and recently as part of the National Arts Centre's 2014/15 Season in Ottawa. Off the stage, he serves as Chair for the Artistic Advisory Committee for The Dance Centre in Vancouver, and is Past-Chair of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists - Western Chapter. Josh is the recipient of Vancouver’s 2013 Mayor’s Arts Award - Emerging Dance Category.

The Distance that Separates Us | Graham McKelvie (Calgary)

Duration: 22 minutes
Choreographer: Graham Mckelvie
Performers: Graham Mckelvie, Linnea Swann, the contemporary and professional graduate students of the School of the Alberta Ballet
Composer/Sound Design: John Cage and Phillip Glass

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Graham attended Canada's National Ballet School directly after high school. He continued his training at the school of the Toronto dance theatre, London Contemporary in the U.K. and the Martha Graham school in NYC. He joined the Toronto dance theatre with whom he was a principal dancer for 15 years, performing in the works of David Earle, James Kudelka, Trish Beatty and Christopher House. He was part of the dora award winning "The 4 Horsemen Project". He went on to dance with Coleman et Lemieux et Cie and performed as an independent dancer often in Japan with toru Shimazaki Dance projects. He now teaches at the school of the Alberta Ballet.

Dance Story | Jacinte Armstrong (Halifax)

Duration: 15 mins
Choreographer: Sarah Chase
Performers: Jacinte Armstrong

Photo: Rhonda Baker

Jacinte Armstrong is a Halifax-based dance artist who has worked with many collaborators locally and across Canada. She trained at Halifax Dance and went on to study at Dalhousie University and at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL.

Jacinte co-founded and currently directs SiNS (Sometimes in Nova Scotia) Dance. She is also the Artistic Director of Kinetic Studio, and performs regularly with Mocean dance, independently, and in her own work. Her choreography ranges from intimate and imagistic to large-scale collaboration with architects, visual artists, radio producers, filmmakers, and musicians.

She has worked with Cory Bowles, Veronique MacKenzie, Ruth-Ellen Kroll Jackson, Susanne Chui, Sara Coffin, Daelik, Tedd Robinson, Serge Bennathan, Denise Fujiwara, Sarah Chase, Thomas Lehmen (Schreibstuck), Phin Performing Arts, Gwen Noah Dance, Barbara Mavro-Thalassitis, Secret Theatre and more.

Sarah Chase is a B.C.-based, Canadian independent dancer and choreographer. Since 1997 she has been working primarily as a solo dance artist and choreographer, presenting her works on tour across Canada and Europe. She was the recipient of the Jaqueline Lemieux award for excellence in 2004.


Physical Therapy Cabaret

Calgary Artists & National Guests
Emcee: Allison Zwozdesky

Pamela Tzeng

Pam Tzeng is a Calgary based dance artist, performer, choreographer and teacher. Her artistic journey has brought her to train and perform across Canada, Europe, Taiwan and Brazil. Under the creative platform Make Shift Dance Project, Tzeng explores her range as a dance maker and curator. Her choreographies, which span the world of dance theatre and interdisciplinary performance, have been presented in diverse contexts in Canada.

For more info visit:
Choreography & Performance: Pam Tzeng

Alicia Ward

Alicia Ward is a multidisciplinary artist based in Calgary who Alicia is fuelled by creating art collaboratively and is thrilled by opportunities to merge her roles as dancer, actor, facilitator and creator. Alicia strives to create art that is instantaneous and uses audience participation.

Choreographer: Alicia Ward
Performers: Alicia Ward and Amanda Ho
Composer/ sound design: Jonathan Molinski

Linnea Swan

In a career spanning over 20 years, Linnea Swan has had the pleasure of working with many of Canada’s leading dance/theatre artists and companies. Her most recent creations include the one­woman show Swan Lake Syndrome, and Roadkill for the DSW Dance Action Lab. Linnea was the 2015 recipient of the K.M. Hunter Artist Award in Dance.

Choreographer & Performerr: Linnea Swan

Richard Lee

Richard is an Edmonton-based performer-creator. He worked with Mélanie Demers, Alberta Theatre Projects, Citadel Theatre, Mark Ikeda, Kloetzl&co, Mile Zero Dance, Good Women Dance Collective, Amber Borotsik, Troy Emery Twigg, and Pam Tzeng, among others. His formative training includes a BFA in Acting, contact improvisation, Axis Syllabus, and contemporary dance.

Choreographer & Performer: Richard Lee

Chenise Mitchell

Chenise is a Toronto-based dancer/performer. As a ‘Outstanding Graduate’ of her performing arts high school she developed a drive for entertaining. At Ryerson’s Theatre School she further developed her devotion to collaborative creation and found a love for jazz. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks drew Chenise to Calgary where she attended PTP and now teaches.

Choreographer & Performer: Chenise Mitchell
Poem written and performed by Chenise Mitchell

Ralph Escamillan

Ralph started at age 14, exposing himself to a plethora of dance styles transforming him into a truly versatile performance artist. Graduating from Modus Operandi he is currently working with Out Innerspace Theatre, Co- Erasga Dance, Wen Wei Dance, Company 605 and is now pursuing his own choreographic work.  

Choreographer & Performer: Ralph Escamillan

Oriana Pagnotta

Oriana Pagnotta is a Calgary-based contemporary dance artist. Her choreography includes Fluid Festival 2014 cabaret and ContainR, SURGE Co. (W&M Dance Projects), Annual Alberta Dance Festival (DSW), and Dance Montage (University of Calgary). She is Artistic Director of Dance Montage, Artistic Associate with SURGE Co., and Dance Curator with Ignite! Festival.

Choreographer & Performer: Oriana Pagnotta
Music: “Powered by Steam” by Hangedup

Lin Snelling

Lin Snelling’s performance, writing and teaching is based in the qualities improvisation can offer as it applies to dance, theatre, and somatic practice. She toured the world extensively as a performer with Carbone 14 and has worked with many improvisation ensembles, choreographers and directors. Michael Reinhart, a graduate of The Ontario College of Art, has wide & varied experience in the worlds of interdisciplinary/visual art, music, film & performance, with choreographers, dancers, poets, musicians & directors in Canada, New York & Europe.

Choreographer: Lin Snelling
Performers: Lin Snelling, Michael Reinhart
Composer/ sound design: Michael Reinhart

Urban Culture Cabaret


Audrey Lane is a poet, spoken word artist, arts organizer, gardener, and dreamer.

She is freshly returned from the Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency on the Yukon River and a member of Calgary's 2016 Slam Poetry Team. In the daylight hours she works as a park naturalist in Calgary.

Her work reflects her passion for wildness outside and in.
Themes of mental health awareness, gender equality, sunshine and wordplay often percolate into her poems. She has competed and performed nationally and internationally and loves performing in festivals and events that push the edges of art forward.

During her travels she has followed poetry into countless cafes, bar basements, riverbanks, street corners, theatres, and community halls. She has not once regretted it.

Audrey Lane believes art is an avenue for strengthening community, education, and connection to place. She is invested in exploring poetry and its intersections with other art forms, learning, healing, and change.


An artist with a vision, Aristotle Ngandu Nsungani is passionate about expression in many forms. A choreographer and a teacher, he has been dancing professionally for 8 years - currently teaching house, Afro beat and hip hop classes at Pulse Studios and after school programs for Global Fest. Immersed in his love for music, he is also the founder of More Up, an independent music label. He is also known in the community as Amauri - a singer, emcee and producer. Aristotle dreams to take his passion of teaching across the world.






HAVEN Vanguard - The pioneers behind the sound of Calgary's music collective, HAVEN YYC. The ensemble consists of keyboardist Timothonius Alai, bassist Maxwell Mcfadyen, and drummer Nathaniel Chiang. With a contemporary fusion of Neo-Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz at their command, the Vanguard delivers an unforgettable experience centered around a spirit of pure improvisation.


Tara Wilson is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Trained first as a contemporary dancer, Tara holds a degree in dance from the University of Calgary. For the past 15 years she has also focused on Hip Hop dance and has become an important part of the hip hop community in Calgary. She has traveled throughout the United States and Europe in order to continue to develop her skills and hone her craft both as a dance artist and choreographer. Recently Tara has presented work for the Alberta Dance Festival, W & M Dance Theater, University of Calgary and will be part of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ upcoming season. Of interest to Tara is the interplay between contemporary approaches to dance creation fused with Hip Hop aesthetics. Her work is inspired by the many influences she has acquired throughout her dance practice: from Contemporary to Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, and Locking. As a co-owner and creative director of Pulse Studios, Tara is excited to share her passion for Hip Hop and to contribute to the cultural landscape of Calgary’s dance scene.


Jared Tobias Herring
Performing tonight as “Tobias”

Born and raised in Calgary, Tobias is a passionatejack of all trades: dancer, musician, singer-songwriter, and DJ. Raised by DJ’s for parents, music has been his closest love.

In 2008 Tobias studied dance at the University Of Calgary. Currently, Tobias is a student in the English Honours program, and also practices Jazz guitar privately, supplementing the recording of his first album.

Tobias recognizes Jason Owin F. Galeos, Melissa Monteros and Wojtek Mochniej as major mentors.

To follow Tobias, please visit:


Julian Smith is a seasoned poet born and raised in Queens, New York.  Writing and performing poetry since 9 years young, Julian’s first taste of the stage was at 6 years old reciting Martin Luther King’s famous I have a dream speech.

Julian is one of the organizers and host of a monthly Spoken Word event “Say Word” which takes place every First and Third Tuesday of the month at 80th and Ivy on 17th ave.  Motivated by causing positive growth and change in people’s lives, he writes utilizing Neurolinguistics in his poems and always hopes that what he says resonates consciously and subconsciously for those who listen.


Native to Alberta, Tony Tran holds a Bachelors of Commerce in Marketing with a Minor in Dance. Tran have devoted the past nine years to training, performing and integrating comprehensively the many genres of urban dance, specifically House dance, Voguing and Waacking to all that he creates. He has travelled to New York City, Finland, Montreal, and London in quest for dance knowledge and development with which to share what he has learned to the city of Calgary. Tran contributes as a performer, teacher, creator, producer and a curator. 

Tran’s work has been presented by Sage Theatre’s IGNITE!, Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre Site Specific Spectacular & Let Down Your Hair, Springboard Performance Fluid Movement Festival, Hopscotch Halifax, Dancers’ Studio West Alberta Annual Dance Festival and the University of Calgary’s Dance Montage. In addition to sharing his craft, Tran has furthered his career by training and volunteering his time to being actively involved in the Calgary arts & culture community as a Board Member of Springboard Performance and member of the University of Calgary Alumni Arts & Culture committee, production assistance for local dance and performance artists, and lastly, the Community Coordinator role for National Youth Arts Week Calgary. 

In 2012, Tran also established his own collective to further the growth and education of Vogue culture and dance in Calgary as the Founder and Artistic Director of The Bad Girls Club YYC (TBGCYYC). This collective of artists integrates Voguing, music, fashion and visual media to create works that challenge performance norms, in favor of diversity, inclusiveness and innovation.

Cabaret of Flamenco Experiments

Rosanna Terracciano, Myriam Allard and Guests

Rosanna Terracciano is a Calgary-based independent artist who dedicates her work to developing a distinct and personal voice at the intersection of flamenco, dance, contemporary performance and short film. Her creations are driven by an urgency to expose the vulnerable and introverted sides of flamenco. Rosanna is a fiercely enthusiastic member of a global collective of flamenco experimentalists, or empiricos, initiated by her mentor Juan Carlos Lérida. Since 2002, her solo dance works and short films have been presented nationally and internationally, including the prestigious 2014 Bienal de Flamenco Sevilla, Flamenco Empirico (Barcelona), Coetáni Experimental Flamenco Festival (Athens), Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, Festival of Short Flamenco Films (Madrid/Brazil), Im Raum Flamenco (Vienna), Festival Flamenco Montréal and the Gallery of Alberta Media Arts (Calgary).

Sensitive to the world of music and dance from very early childhood, Myriam Allard’s life changed when she discovered flamenco. Aged 21, she left her home in Quebec to travel to Spain, where she lived for six years. After intensive training she began dancing professionally at the traditional tablaos flamencos in Spain, Japan, France and Germany. Drawing strength from her rigorous European training and extensive professional experience, Allard’s dance breaks free of the traditional esthetic boundaries to develop an idiom that combines the instinctive and the impulsive with great sensitivity and refinement. She now lives in Montreal, where she founded La Otra Orilla in 2006 with singer and director Hedi Graja. Within this company she has developed a unique choreographic expression and produced 7 different shows that have toured Canada, the US, South America and Great-Britain with much success.